Issue with fingers ... possibly a flare up ????

my fingers don't look particularly swollen, but are, if you can understand me, lol. They are 'tight' and hurt to bend (with difficultly). They feel 'spongy' (typical RA)..however, to touch them, it does not hurt, in fact they feel a sort of numb ... has anyone else had this?

I see my RA consult next Monday..who will prob. do a DAS score .. I am also wondering if this will actually be disadvantageous towards the score, being that I won't flinch when my fingers are touched :/

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  • ah, glad it is not just me then. I sometimes wonder how they can tell anything is going on, as their touch is feather light, or so it seems, whereas I am a bull in a china shop, grab the finger, and then shout out in pain, LOL

  • Isn't life grand!!!!????? It's a long haul. I just wanted to tell you that I'm a Lab-lover too. I lost my gorgeous black lab a couple of years ago, he was called Oliver (because he always wanted more!) I miss him terribly and sometimes I still call him for our morning cup of Earl Grey...he was an absolute sweetie.maryx

  • :( awful when you lose a pet. I Have a 2 1/2 yr old choc,Griff, and a 7mth yellow, Gwyn. Would be lost without them, I truely believe they keep me going, as I am forced to walk them every day, even when I just want to curl up on the couch x

  • Hello BOB here


    Know how you feel I lost my Terrier about two and a half years ago to cancer, still miss Him he was a pat dog in mental health. Still call Him.

    Now I have a Welsh Collie that we re- homed from the Dogs Trust, He is as mad as a hatter, every ones His friend even when other people do not want to know. He is always on His back wanting His tummy rubbed, He never stops always on the move He tires me out


  • I can't have dogs now but I foster two dogs from Dogs Trust. Two of my grandchildren have them as their foster dogs. I think they do such a good job. Maybe one day I.ll have another...fingers crossed. Maryx

  • I fostered one last year and he never went back, he's a huge part of our family now and I love him to bits he was 18 months old and had had 6 homes coz people probably didn't understand him...bit like me really ha ha:) A right character that makes me laugh everyday! I would foster more but the problem is I would end up keeping them all!!! Dogs never let you down, bitch about you behind your back and love you for you!!!

  • Oh how lovely. I used to work for the cat Prtection league most of the cats I fostered never left me...I was working for animal welfare so I had a house of different types of animals...all were so lost when they came through my front door but with lots of TLC we all became one big family...I miss those days so much...I loved taking care of some poor little soul and to watch them all grow and smiling. Oh to go back 5years..maryx

  • That's just how I feel Mary, it's so rewarding seeing an animal that's basically been given up on by People grow in confidence and become a great pet....there's also something very therapeutic about it!!! Really hope that one day you will be able to do it again xx

  • Hi

    I had 2 cats (brothers) called Xaphod and Spock. Had them from kittens to 19 years old. Nearly 8 years without them, then moved house, lots of building work etc. Now ready to get some more, always find it hard to get hold of anyone in the rehoming centres through..............they would have a great time living in my house:-) xx

  • Oh please keep trying. Where I live we are inundated with them. I'm sure there is a Cat Protection near you...I fostered so many and was so happy when I found them good homes...I don't know if we live too far apart for you to have two from Essex but I could ask...what about asking at local vet, they normally have a "home wanted" in there. I know they will have a lovely home with you .i do know of two male cats ( both done) who are two and half years old (they are brothers) one black the other black and white...quite shy cats but very funny and friendly but it's probably too far for you to come but please don't give up...there are two out there for you just waiting Ronnie. Maryx

  • They are wonderful breeds. I used to love walking Ollie he was my best friend and when I wasn't well at night he would always get up with me and put his head on my lap.....OMG I better stop I'm missing him so much.....! Maryx

  • Aww. Can you not have another. I thought I was too old, and disabled, so I was surprised to deciside to get one.. best thing I did..well that is obvious because I got the other one lol. Animals are always there for you, good day or bad :)

  • I'm going to work on it...never give up Mary!!! X

  • Hi Lab Lover, I don't particularly flinch when my Rheumy presses my finger joints but they are obviously swollen, I don't flinch when he squeezes my other joints even they are in constant pain.... Maybe I should???? I agree about having dogs if it wasn't for mine I would probably curl up on the couch moaning and feeling sorry for myself!!! The exercise certainly does help as if I don't do it I hurt more if that make sense! Good luck with your appointment :) x

  • Hello BOB here

    Have words with your Specialists when you see Him Monday, will be able to look into it sounds like nuro pain and possibly RA

    All the best


  • Always hard to know what to do for the best as far as RA appointments go, lol. Not sure if I was actully enjoying my morning walk with the terrible two this morning... icy cold, despite extra layers etc.... but yes, I agree with the exersise helpind :)

  • Ha ha I agree!! And it's hard to get motivated when it's freezing or pouring with rain and you're also trying to un-stiffen for the day. Good luck! X

  • Hello BOB here

    My dog is called PAX, at the moment He is asleep on the seat, sleeping of His lunch. 3.00pm will be back and bouncy

    They are the Lords Angles.

    All the best


  • Awww bless, it really is a dogs life?! Maybe we should start up our own Living with RA and a Pet thread!? :). Best wishes everyone x

  • Ask a question, get side tracked, and we all start talking about our lovely animal friends...better than crappy RA eh :)

  • I know sorry! I do bang on about my dogs a lot, I watch peoples eyes glaze over in " real" life when I start.... It's like don't mention the D word ha ha.....but they do that if I go on about RA too:)

  • Sounds just like my carpal tunnel which has been caused by arthritis in the wrist. Is it affecting thumb and first two fingers? Mine are numb yet itch madly! Solutions are wrist splints, steroid injections and surgery in that order. Good luck!

  • last month RA nurse requested 'urgent' OT appoint ... Still waiting! Wrists are more sore than usual, thumb is very sore..but I do know that is all fingers affected except R.little pinky. Thanks HK

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