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Methotrexate injection, hydroxychloroquine, adcal d3 , alendronic acid , folic acid and tramadol

Hi all I've been on above drugs for about 4 years. Most of the time I feel unwell , and other times really poorly my joints hurt and at times are excruciating specially feet and shoulders .my question is is this as good as it gets ?I no it can get and has done a lot worse and I'm grateful for some relief but boy do the pills and potions make you feel like poo

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I think you need to question your rheumy hard on that one...I think often unless you really push them they think you're fine so don't bother suggesting changes.

A while into my diagnosis my blood results improved and were showing things were "normal" although I was still in pain. So I had a job convincing my rheumy that things weren't right. Luckily one appointment I had swollen joints and fluid on my knees so she believed me!

So push, push and push some more.


Yes I must agree with you helixhelix , I feel half the time they either don't listen or think your just being a drama queen


I pushed and have had a depo injection today at the hospital , the nurse said I was in a bit of a state ...she refering me for hand splints and said I need more pills 😵thankyou all for sound advice xx


Couldn't agree more, the disease is awful and the drugs are as bad.


Surely after being on all these drugs after 4 years and you feel they're not working then why havnt they tried something different? Serious you need to see your consultant or nurse and get a review of your meds . I've tried all kinds but only for 18 months not 4yrs like you have and I've told them straight they're not working so I've now qualified for biologics.... if you don't give them a push in the right direction they will leave u as you are ..... good luck 👍



I agree with helixhelix, you need to push push push.

My blood test results have always been normal and thus when my right wrist became more and more painful it was just ignored by the Rheumatologist. Eventually it blew up and thus could not be ignored. The Prof was called in, I got a big apology from the Prof , 2 steroid injections and was then moved on to MTX from Azathioprine which he agreed was clearly not working.

MTX works for me. But I have learned my lesson from that experience which was early on in my treatment and always push push push if I am not happy now.

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