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Methotrexate and Arava

Friends sorry to bother you all. I'm just worried and anxious. Right now my doctor has put me on 20mg of Arava daily Monday to Friday and methotrexate 8 Tablets on Sundays. Apart from this he has given me miracid t

Capsules, folic, calcium and D2 capsules. D2 once a week. Is it ok for me to take methotrexate and Arava? I'm not worried.

Have anyone taken treatment like this. Please help.

Thanks to all. God bless!

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Yes I know from here of other people on that combination. Hopefully one of them will pop up and tell you themselves.


Is Arava another name for leflunomide ? If so, and I’m pretty certain it is the generic name , I take both and have had no additional issues taking them together.

Best of luck with things



Methotrexate & leflunomide (Arava is the brand name) was the most recent double therapy I was on. Unfortunately I had to stop the LEF so back on monotherapy again. There's nothing to indicate you can't take the two together, they're often coprescribed but I just has a stupid reaction to it so had to stop LEF.

I hope it helps you, no need to be anxious, I'm sure your Rheumy thinks they're necessary, you can always ask him if you're unsure of anything he prescribes.


Ok nomoreheels. Thanks

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I am on 12.5 mgs methotrexate a week and 10 mg leflumonide a day and have been for about 12 months and have had no ill effects from taking the combination. You need to have regular blood tests particularly to check liver function as both tablets can have an effect on your liver but so far so good with me. I have found the combination to work really well although of late I have been getting flare ups so I suspect when I see my rheumy next week she may up the dose. Make sure you take folic acid as this helps with any adverse effects the metho can have on your body. Good luck - hope it works as well for you as it has for me.

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Yes Suzy. Thanks


Hi yes there are lots of people on this treatment seems to be standard if arava doesn't work enough on its own.

I've been on arava just over two months and cause it's not kicked in enough I refused mex and adopted to go back on sulfasalazine so hoping that will do a bit more. I'm hoping to just be on arava after few more months so cross fingers as I'm tolerating this much better weight back to normal hair better etc.

How long have u been on arava?

Don't worry they seem to know what they r doing. I'm full of steroids at the min after having horrendous flare x

Regards Janet x

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I was on Arava inn alternative days. But was not regular as I was scared. But now the doctor prescribed daily one along with methotrexate. So I'm following his instructions religiously. Thanks janet

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