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RA update

Hi everyone

I first posted about one month ago so this is my latest RA update.

My main problem was my right hand (lost use of extensor muscles), but in December went through a flare up. Phoned RA nurse and she spoke to specialist, went back on to 25 mg prednisolone which was then tapered off over several weeks. After this the flare up gradually decreased, but rh hand still the same and painful. At end of December both myself and wife ended up with chest infections! Got a phone call from RA nurse and she arranged for a general steroid (depromedrone 120mg) injection at GP. January comes around and I arrive at GP for steroid injection, can't have it got protein in my urine. Eventually ten days later I get my steroid injection (no proteins) . Dramatic improvement in overall aches and pains, and my rh hand is improving (Physio nurse made new splint which keeps the hand extended). So very happy at moment, touch wood. Last note - physio nurse arranged with RA specialist to get a nerve conduction test sometime, all rh hand fingers now extending except for thumb.

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Nice to get relief!

Hope it continues. 🙂

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Pleased to hear you have relief from the pain and can extend your fingers. It's sounds as if your rheumy needs to re look at your drug regime as your inflammation is not under control. Steroids provide good short term relief but cannot be used long term due to the serious side effects from long term use. It takes a while to find the right combination of drugs for each individual, it's sometimes down to trial and error so hang on in there; there will be a drug regime which suits you and controls your disease.


Hi Mall

Thanks for the encouraging reply. I'm wondering as well what will happen when the steroid injection wears off? At the moment I'm on hydroxychloroquine which did seem to be working, if I only knew what caused my last flare up?

Anyway I'm making the most of feeling good



Sometimes another drug is added, the most commonly used one is methotrexate and for most of us it makes a great deal of difference. A few folk can't tolerate it though. There is another drug sulphasalazine which can also be added. At One time I was on all three together. I am now on a combination of a biologic drug and methotrexate plus an anti inflammatory and dropped the hydroxy and sulpha. Sometimes drugs can become less effective over time hence another is added.

Flares can be caused by so many things, an infection, virus, stress, overdoing it, etc etc. Hopefully it is a temporary flare and the steroids will sort it out. If you pain and inflammation resumes when the steroid wears off then it is possible another drug may be added by your Rhuemy.

Enjoy feeling good.


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