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1st Rituxan Infusion

Hi Everyone,

I finally received funding for those Rituxan infusions. My first infusion is scheduled for 9am in the morning. Im having a pretty severe RA flare and I’m hoping this works PDQ. Im a little anxious after reading the different reactions people have had to this medicine. Most I have read say that it only happens during the first infusion during the first 30 minutes of the actual medicine and nothing during the second one. I hope the risks are going to be worth the outcome. I’ll keep you all updated as I go thru this. Fingers crossed!

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Hello Maat, I hope your Rituximab infusion went well today and you got through it ok? Let us know how you got on if you can, hope you’re feeling ok. 😊

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Hi all!

Coincidences do abound! I had my first Rituxan infusion today. I had some of the milder side effects so far. My infusion appt was at 8:30am. They started by giving me 2 high dose Tylenol and a lortanidine (antihistamine) tablets. They let me sit for 15 minutes then they put in the IV and gave me methyl prednisone and Benadryl. They let me sit 15 more minutes and took my vitals and temp. They started the Rituxan extremely slow and checked my vitals every 15 minuets for the first 3 hours then every 30 minutes for the remainder of the infusion. The IV machine bumped up the dose every hour. I started with an achy feeling after the first hour. Then it bumped up and I started with Bone pain. The pain for me wasn’t that much more than my RA flare pain and the steroids they gave me corrected it quick. They gave me more meds to control the pain. My BP dropped below 98/76 to 94/70 at one point I was told that was due to the Benadryl. It came back up after the dose started to work out of my system. When the infusion was over I had to wait an hour before they would let me leave. I developed some tingling from my elbows to my hands and my neck and face. It is not painful and is slowly going away. I’m really tired it’s been a long day but If it doesn’t get worse than this as far as side effects are concerned I can do this if the medicine helps. I really hate this disease and want a more active life. I’m praying this helps. I have another infusion on February 8th an will post how it goes.


Rituximab has enabled me to walk three miles after hobbling before on two sticks and not being able to get to the bathroom myself. It has changed my life. Hope it does for you. Good luck and many people say the second infusion of your first duo goes smoothly and no hitches. I've never had any issues at infusion but felt shattered after the first two duos for three to four weeks but now am used to it. The antihistamine tires me more these days. I've been on Rituximab nearly four years now.


Hi Neo!

I’m so happy for you. That would definitely would be life changing. How long before you could tell the medicine was working for you? I woke up this morning and my joints and feet were still hot and a little pain. I think the steroids as part of the pre meds help a lot yesterday. I’m trying to figure out where the steroids stop and the medicine kicks in. I hope you have a wonderful day!


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