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Todays visit

Hi Guys,

Well that's the deed done and I'm happy to say that my RA doctor today agrees that its time to come off MTX and start on alternatives.

I was given a canalog (?) Injection today to help with pain that returned in my hands and arm until the new drug gets into my system which can take up to 3 months!

This said drug is Sulfasalazine 500mg working up to 2g over 4 weeks.

I'm quite excited with this as my RA doctor told me there are no interactions or restrictions with it and its not as toxic as MTX. I still need blood monitoring but that's OK. She also said that down the line she can start to get me off my other painkillers that I've been on for 2.5 tears.

I felt this was a positive meeting and pray I continue with having my life back.

I don't see my RA doctor for 6 months now, but obviously I still have my RA nurse there if I need her.

I actually can't believe how relieved I feel just being allowed to stop MTX.

Here's to a new chapter 😃

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Hi, I came of MTX as my liver couldn’t cope with it ! And boy did I feel ill with side effects x On Sulphalazerine now and feel more like my old self 😁 Sure I get pains in areas sometimes, and the fatigue can get me down.But on the whole I feel so much better 😁😁 Blood and liver back to normal and I’m even allowed a glass of wine 🍸😁 Good luck and hope it gives you your life back 😘


That's goood news! Hope it's the one for you.

The injection you got was Kenalog - a steroid. So should work fairly quickly and last a reasonable amount of time.

Sulpha is one of the drugs I take. It gave me a rather excitable stomach for the first couple of months, but that settled down and I have no further side effects.....except for bright orange pee! Doesn't happen to everyone but don't be surprised.


Im so pleased for you. Im on methx and sulph. As you say begining of a new chapter. 😊



Hope the steroids help your flare and tide you over until the sulphasalazine kicks in 👍🏻


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