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Advice on RA Consultants

Hi everyone, I'm a fortysomething male based in the South West and diagnosed with Seropositive RA in July 2014 - it was quite a shock! Very fortunately, I've got on very well taking 20mg weekly of MTX and 200mg daily of Chloroquine and its enabled me to carry on with a very busy life and demanding career. I've been in the NHS system since diagnosis but clearly with all the current pressures the aftercare and monitoring of my condition has been pretty poor. I've not been called to see my RA Consultant since Sept 2016 (despite calling to remind them) and whilst I appreciate they have to prioritise with the more urgent cases I do feel rather abandoned by the system and wanted to look for another option which was more proactive.

Anyway, could anyone recommend a really good RA consultant either working in the NHS or working privately that I could perhaps try. I've heard that the Bristol and Bath areas are particularly good. My GP unfortunately doesn't really seem that knowledgeable in this area. I would love to hear of anyone's positive experiences relating to their aftercare and the ongoing regular monitoring of the condition.

Thank you!

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Just remember.... they think they are Gods, they act like gods. They are not Gods lol !!!! ( only Freddie Mercury was 🤣🤣)

Getting real...sorry I don't know one near you xx


Perhaps you should quit phoning and send a letter. That has to be responded to.

You are a relatively high dose of MTX, and that MUST be monitored by blood tests.

BP should also be done but at much longer intervals.

I am in the SW but of Scotland.

NRAS is nationwide across the UK.

Good luck with getting a review.

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What part of country do you live in? U less you go private Gloucestershire can be as bad 19 months!!


I live in the virginia and we have only one ra doctors office with two doctors in the area it took three months to get in because they are backed up. But now that i am in I see them every three to four months to check on how my medicine is doing. I don't see how you are getting any medicine without checking on you to see what is going on or running tests. I don't even get my high blood pressure medicine without me going in every six months to have them check on me.

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Which part of South West? it is a big area. After 4 years in system can't speak too highly of Royal Devon and Exeter.

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I have seen the name Elizabeth Price in Swindon on this site and believe she is NHS and private. Have not seen her


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