Anyone like to guess where I am? 😉

Anyone like to guess where I am? 😉

On holiday.

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  • Oh my you lucky thing i hope you have a lovely time and i look forward to seeing more photos. Where abouts are you anyway.xxxxx

  • Bit of a clue in the photo Sylvi! 😂

  • South Africa

  • My brain isn't functioning very well at the moment.xxxx

  • That was last year 😂

  • On your way to Uluru or Ayer's Rock?

  • You win the prize😃. What do you want? A kangaroo or an emu? 😂

  • Oh, an emu please! I love the idea of an animal that can't walk backwards....might be easy to get in your suitcase than a kangaroo anyway! Enjoy the holiday.

  • 😂. Just call me Rod Hull!

  • AUssie i presume you won't be going to the cricket.xxxx

  • We are in Melbourne, apart from this short trip to Ayers Rock / Uluru. Cricket was here last week. We are here (or rather my wife is, I am being reluctantly dragged along🙄) for the Australian open tennis. It’s the only grand slam she hasn’t been to. So completing her set 😃

  • We did go to the MCG sports museum and tour of the ground. That’s Melbourne Cricket Ground.

  • My son has been to the Melbourne ground when he we over there. He loves

  • We do too. I’m getting to see more of it this time. Last time I was here I was working a lot of the time.

    Bit warm though. It’s 42 degrees😳. Mind you it’s doing my RA the world of good 😃

  • I bet ,but i found the extreme heat had the same effect on my body as the extreme cold.xxxx

  • Is that Ayer's Rock?

    Good job you didn't chose to do your Christmas shopping in NY this year'd be posting pics of ice drifts on .5th Avenue!

    Happy New Year!

  • Yes it is Ayers Rock. Nope, after Christmas shopping and new year in Abu Dhabi. Now in Oz.😃

  • .

    In a vehicle? 🚌

    With photo of Uluru plastered to windscreen?! 😳

    (Isn’t it dangerous driving that way?! 😧 )

    Did you get over to Kata Tjuṯa 🏞 too, dtech?! 🤞🤞 Hope you got to practice your didgeridoo-ing 🎶 & boomeranged ↩️ safely back home 🏠. Did you bring each of us back a dot painting 🖼 or have you (cruelly) forgotten us? 😳 🤣 🤪 🙃

    Hope you had glorious 🤗 time & many good, good 😌 memories 😌💭💭 — despite not receiving a dot painting, a T-shirt, or any meagre memento, trinket, bauble because you were far, far too busy having a nice time . . . 😂 😂 😂 [That’s ok, don’t worry about us. We’ll get over it . . . merely another night spent crying ourselves to sleep . . . knowing how we’re not only abandoned . . . but forgotten . . . 🤣 🤪 🙃 ]


  • Looks great. I would say enjoy but you are. Lovely photo. Dont hurry back as its wet & cold here. ☺

  • Lovely. Just look at the colours, isn't nature wonderful. Enjoy, I'm sure you don't need reminding that it'll be over all too soon & you'll be heading back to dear old chilly Blighty. 😕

  • Ooh looks amazing. I can feel the heat from here. Despite the snow outside! Have fun x

  • Have a great time. Looks like Australia. Better weather than England!! I am in Morocco but it is not very hot. Couldn’t do the flight to Oz.

  • Just seen you are at the tennis. Lucky you x

  • We’ve got ground passes for first two days Rheumyjoy . Shame Andy Murray isn’t playing, but we saw him in Abu Dhabi last week and knew he wouldn’t be fit. We were going to try to visit him in the hospital here in Melbourne which is near our hotel, but didn’t think we would get past security 😂

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