Had a letter

I've had a letter saying all information has be gathered for my pip review and they will be intouch with a decision soon the letter was dated the 26th December but got it today anyone know how long it be now

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  • I got same letter dated 25th Dec only got it yesterday I'm already on pip low rate got 9 points but my health is worse so consultant gave me report to send to them done this Nov and only heard yesterday I'm hoping their just looking at points not reassess me .Hope u get good result Amy

  • yer I'm same I'm on lower rate living component but has a reassessment on 1st of December then they said would be week got letter today and hoping now wont be long

  • What are the different PIP rates?

  • Hi loppyloo12 did u put in change in condition or were u due assessment.i was assed in Aug got award Sept lost mandatory. Didn't appeal sent consultants report in Nov. Asked for it to be put in file for future reference. Like u got same letter 26th Dec. Let me know if I can get pip yet I'm on it amy

  • I put in change xx

  • Do u mind me asking how long ago u had ur 1 assessments. When u put in change in circumstances did u get a letter to say they were reassessed. Just my first assessments was in Aug 2017 .My letter said same as ours and dated 26th Dec boxing day I don't work so really need this money thanks amy

  • What are the different PIP rates?

  • I'm not to sure I know I'm on the lowest living rate and get 190 monthly at min xx

  • It is usually 4 to 6 weeks all in.now they decide if you get an face to face assessment .or if you do not need one.?...unless you had assessment and going to decide .think it is the former 🤞

  • ive already had my face to face on 1st dec and only just had letter saying they got all info so waiting now

  • Hi ajay575 if it's ur conditions is worse and u send in consultants letters etc do they look at points again or 're assed u I'm worried I'll have to attend another face to face 1 in Aug was awful ended up in tears any advice would be appreciated amy

  • Hi you do get a other assessment sorry it is called change of circumstances unless your going through mandory decision and appeal then they would look at new evidence.no sure if your going through that.with your last post.as you got 5 years I would have said leave I do not usually say that just with you haveing 1 enchanched rate. Think you are ok here really should be ..but the more you put on forms and letters with them there is a small chance you do not get a face to face a few people do not get face to face .if you go to town on forms .you never know.if your condition worse and you cannot do it tell them .up to you there

  • putting more on forms and providing letters doesnt necessarily mean there is a a small chance wont get a face to face.My ESA claim form -filled in by CAB was brief notes and ESA awarded-tho was on already on ESA -automatic transfer from IB .My PIP claim I went into more detail and had ftf -was declined.

    to scotslass 333

    they ignored all my letters and my form-claimed to take all info into consideration but didnt-purely on assessor's report which was all lies-not what he was told at all -his own version and he claimed he observed me "Sort through documents that I "laid on the floor" from seated" and they tried to make out it was not based on the "time taken for the assessment" but over time which was b....t as the report clearly stated I "looked normal" but he couldnt know what "normal for me " was as never seen me before.

    The DWP even said in reconsideration " you were observed to lay papers on the floor and sort through them" as did the decision letter that came with tribunal papers-Funny that as decision maker was not present to witness this allegation and that the decision maker stated as they were not present they could not comment on what was or was not said but they could comment on what was "not observed!!"

  • Hi rainbow58 keep fighting it is entitled to it amy

  • Me too Amy, am dreading reassessment becos of what I went thru in first face to face. And that's all they went by, to reach the decision. Far as I could find out, they totally ignored all my consultant's letters and one by my gp. It's totally wrong for them to only go by an assessors report. Let's hope things have been changed by the time of our reassessments eh?! Sheena

  • Thanks Sheena I'm worried sick I got it for 5years low rate got turned down on mandatory decesion. But took a while to c my consultant 're vision she was appalled so gave report to send to them I told dwp just to put it on my file .didn't hear anything from Nov the thur got letter to say their looking to c if I can get pip don't ring they will contact me x I'm already on pip due money on Monday from pip hope it's in xx do hope u get points u need don't trust the assessor they tell lies in report good luck amy

  • Thanks Amy, yes it's an unfair system when you have "invisible" illness, but I live in hope that they are trying to improve it. I just feel sorry for the younger folk with Universal credit carry on, am too old thankfully to be on that! Take care.

  • Hiscotslass thank you for ur reply .I think if they could see the pain we I'm sure everyday they would understand us more .ur lucky about universal credit I'm 52 so that's problem next lol love Amy x

  • Hi Scotslass333

    I told the assessor at my ftf every condition I had and how they affected me and that OTC meds did nothing to help and prescription meds didnt always help.His the report not only said -takes OTC meds for pain which do help and prescription meds help but also listed how my conditions affect me as different to what he was told,

  • Was hopeing no need for assessment .won't been to long now probaly 2 to 3 weeks.dont know if you want to or just leave it .know some people phone up for a copy of medical report to be sent out .and sometimes they tell you there and then if a decision is made depends who' s on phone .you can phone today ?

  • Think about how u are on your worse days even if u don't feel that bad tomorrow u may be worse think about how u are when it hits u like a train and tell them the worst xx

  • I had assessment in Aug was awful the lady was very rude.everything I said she shouted at me I didn't ask u that just answer yes or no .it wasn't a surprise when I got her report she told lie after lie gave me 9 points so I didn't get full care mandatory wasn't successful hadn't the energy to appeal .My consult is furious what the assessor wrote all lies. She gave me full report to send to dwp like only got letter yesterday looking at pip will let me know don't phone they let me know .yet I already get pip hoping don't have to do assessments yet again hope u get a good result xamy

  • I told them how i was on worst days but ignored and the assessor went on what he "claimed to see " on the day.

  • Hiya,

    Hopefully it won't be long now. Good luck x.

  • Can anyone tell me how much PIP pays them each month. Mine is 3x what my DLA was. I was interviewed by the loveliest girl and on a good day so couldn't really demonstrate anything. She seemed genuingly interested and we got a bit of track from time to time talking about our families.

  • Pip is higher paid than dal enhanced care is about 320 mobility is around 250 hope this helps

  • Obviously it depends on what you're awarded but they're set out as follows:

    Daily living part -The weekly rate for the daily living part of PIP is either £55.65 or £83.10. Proposed increase 2018/19 £57.30 & £85.60 respectively.

    Mobility part - The weekly rate for the mobility part of PIP is either £22 or £58. Proposed increase 2018/19 £22.65 & £59.75 respectively.

    All awards are paid 4 weekly. I'm awarded enhanced daily living & receive £332.40. I'm hopeful that will continue, I've received my AR1 (a fortnight after the date on the covering letter I may add) so will likely be reassessed in a few weeks.

    We also receive £10 Christmas bonus.

    Hope this helps?

  • Hi Juneann

    you must have been one of the lucky ones to have a genuine assessor.

  • Mine's £222.60 every four weeks.

  • p.s. Mine had been between £80.00 and £85.00 every four weeks for the last twelve years or so on DLA. Not sure why it's £220 on PIP but I changed my appointment once and was going to cancel altogether as I thought this time around It would be a no as I was very relaxed and never made it out to be any more than it was. It was only because my husband and brother told me to go for it.

  • Ur 1 of the lucky ones .just checked ur right it a about 220 a month low rate care thanks amy

  • my DLA was £22 a week which I was awarded in 1998 and indefinitely. ,

    i was reasonably relaxed during my FTF but still "froze" and stumbled on my words-had to ask him to repeat things- to which the assessor wrote "spoke clearly .understood everything she was asked and answered all questions fully" and like you said things as they are for me-did not exaggerate -the assessor twisted things around -blatantly lied.His report was all crap .No-one would do what he claimed to observe-contained stuff not even mentioned ie schooling -he wrote -attended mainstream school which implied she can understand complex info and can budget.Same with job I had and lost due to Arthritis ,Fibro and Raynauds,

  • Rainbow 58 hope u win appeal amy

  • thanks Amy

    on tenderhooks waiting for a date,hoping they will change their minds and from evidence i have submitted go on a paper tribunal.wishful thinking i know.

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