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Day and night nurse?


Can we take them when on Mtx and hydroxychloroquine?

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We can't give you medical advice so all I can say is that I certainly do! Just make sure you don't take anything else with paracetomol in it.

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Oh I won’t honey I will only take it as needed and not take any other paracetamol when I take it. Oops sorry forgot about that. Thanks anyway Hun x

I certainly do that’s all I can say too. It’s only paracetemol, decongestant and antihistamines to help you sleep so what’s the harm, they help! Hope you feel better soon x

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Thanks honey xx

I was told i couldn't take it because of my high blood pressure,as to the rest speak to your pharmasist and see what they

The pharmacist said I shouldn't take it or anything with decongestant in it. I'm not sure why though. Some pharmacists get really jumpy about mtx so could be wrong

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Well I took it last night anyway. Ah well never mind. Once won’t hurt I’m sure. Thanks ladies xxx

I wouldn't take it as it contains aspirin.. clashes with Mtx in tum. That's what rheumy told me.... hope you soon feel better. Ladyjan

it does not have aspirin in. yes take it but do not take paracetamol with it. take lots of fluids as it will dehydrate you. keep warm and all joints gently exercised. get well soon

The pharmacist told me I shouldn't take it but my doctor said that they are over cautious, so I bought some in case I need it.

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