Hi folks

As I suffer the above.......terrified of injections, what does any of you brave ones suggest when having the steroid injections?

My Rheumy nurse knows and my consultant knows what a wimp I am- to be honest when I come off the phone or out of my appointment I feel like a laughing stock.

In the past I've gone for oral steroids and its made me gain weight, which has now come off, but I know I have to face my demons one day.

I am fine with having bloods done(good job really) but when my consultant wanted to inject my spine- I freaked out. Then my specialist nurse wanted to inject my bum .........What do all you brave one do?????

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I was the terrified of needles when i was diagnosed with RA and having to having bloods and steriods would freak me out i always had to have my mum by my side holding my hand this was 4 years ago and now i have got used to the idea, although 2 years ago i had to go onto methotrexate injections instead of tablets i got my mum to inject my tummy(she was a nurse) i did manage to do a few on my own but it gave me a huge lump in my throat i eventually came of those and was given adalimumab injections in my thigh i got the pen instead of the syringe which was better but that drug didnt work now im off for my first infusion of rituximab next week and im nervous. Another story to tell you, i had fluid on my right knee many months ago which had to be drained which ment having a needle in the side of my knee drawing out the fluid there was 13ml of fluid taken out and it was so painful i even thought it was up there child birth! My mum always told me that even though the injections are painful they are being done for a make you better. Hope you can manage your fear of needles and im sure there are alot of people with a fear of needles so you are not alone, it can be overcome :) x


Do you mind me asking what rituximab is,

Thank you for your reply-

Yes I would rather give birth than dred the needle!

That was a nice experience, but I dare say not every one would agree.



I'm sorry I've no experience of being frightened of needles it must be awful for you and others who have this phobia.

I guess I got so used to them when the children were really poorly, then my bloods every 4 - 6 weeks for almost 20 yr I don't take any notice now.

For my steroid injections I get them in my bum for widespread pain, luckily I have a numb bum so basically drop my pants and the nurse tells me when I'm done.

I do hope you manage to overcome your fear.

Beth xx


Thank you Beth,

I will ask for the cream mentioned by Petra below. I have to get a grip.

But I wont hold my breath! XxX


I'm only scared of needles when the dentist uses them to anesthetise (sp) my mouth prior to a filling or root canal treatment. Somehow these ones always seem so painful? All others I never think about although I think I would find it very had to have fluid drawn out of a joint as you did without hollering.

My son has complete needle phobia so I know it can be hard to deal with. The other day he had to have his first ever filling (he's a student far from home) and he fainted when the dentist got the syringe out and explained what she was about to do. They scratched heads and discussed the options after he came round and he suggested she go ahead without the numbing. She told him that it was a big filling and very deep and he shrugged and told her he had a very high pain threshold. She did the whole thing and he said it didn't hurt at all but apparently she was amazed and even gave him a free clean and polish afterwards as his reward for being so brave. He has had another the same way since then. I can't understand how he can be scared of a needle but not of the pain of drills etc but he just does. He won't go away on holiday anywhere that requires immunisations either- not that we've ever taken our kids anywhere exotic but this could be quite limiting if he got a job that required international travel.

Maybe you should think about hypnotism for this one? TTx


what a story, I could never have work done without been numbed up- funny enough I fine with dentist needles although they bloomin well hurt. Thans for this XxX


My daughter is the same, itS hard for those that are ok to understand. I think the only thing you can do is look away and breath deeply, trybto be logical.

What is in the syringe is really more fearful. Try a mantra, like I Can Do this, I will be ok, try to imagine floating. Oh I dontknow poor you. No one can say they honestly like needles, but it's over quickly.

My daughter can be heard panicking, getting a blood test, by all those waiting outside, and the nurse trying to reassure her, she is 26!!

Be brave hon, and maybe a Valium and a good pal to hold you down, I mean hold your hand :)

Joking aside phobias are awful.



Looking through my replies Gina, why did you not get mine I wonder?

How rude I bet you thought.

Well here we go

Yes the pain has got to me, off to hospital tomorrow to see if my nurse or doctor will give me one, I dont have the valium (wish I did, id take the whole bloomin bottle) ill just take a hammer with me instead.

I will be back to fill you all in, watch this space xxxx


Sometimes it is all about distraction, and it does help too. When I used to give injections to patients I would ask them to look at their hand and pinch the back of it 5 times. While they were concentrating on this small thing, they didnt feel the injection going in. I often think because you know it is coming and tense up in anticipation, it makes it far more painful, which causes an increase in the fear factor. There is also a cream that you can put on the area to numb it, but it takes a few minutes to work, but if you were to ask, they would let you have it. Try the distraction technique though, it has never failed me!!

Good luck.

Petra xx


I will ask for the cream, its so pathetic.

I do feel so embarrassed.

Thanks Petra xXx


Dont be embarrassed, it is a really common phobia, and dont let them fob you off if you want the lignogel to numb the area first. You might have them huff and puff as it takes time, stand firm and dont be bullied ok. Good luck honey. xx


Big breath in before injection then ficus on outbreath

It's awful having to face our demons isn't it. Mine is having a joint replacement I haven't needed it yet

Good luck


This is my fear also,

My neighbour had her hip replaced- she is great on one side but her other side needs doing.

I wish you luck, if you have it done xXx


needles smeedles, I must admit I was very scared of having to inject myself but now I like inflicting pain upon myself I stick them in morning noon and night lol, Im diabetic and have no fewer than 7 injections a day. Once you have done the first one you will be OK because 9.5 out of 10 are pain free, gently hold the fleshy area that you intend to put the needle in and slowly push the needle into it count to 10 and gently take it out again, really that's all there is to it, take your time and don't rush and I'm sure you ll be ok but don't squeeze your fleshy bit too hard, be gentle and everything will be fine,

Take care you'll be ok.



oh lordy lord- how can you. It makes me cringe just reading your post.

Your terribly brave Phillip

I surely could never do this. I would collapse.

Thanks for your brave experiences. It sure dont make me feel like I want to go and get it done, I work myself up to it- then I chicken out . Stupid I know cos it would do me good.

At the mo, I cannot use my thumb- the joint around my thumb is swollen- making it difficult to do every day things- in fact all my hand joints are terribly stiff and sore.

Keep smiling folks ;-) xXx


Hi, I suppose when you have to then you get on with it,the only real problem I have is when I inject in the same place too often as that can leave big lumps in my stomach or top of my legs and they are really painful, as long as you swap and change the area it really is ok after the first injection. if you are only injecting once a week or so then it to bad as long as your gentle. I was very hesitant and dithered at the first one , I put the needle right next to my big belly and the nurse then gently pushed my hand lol and I thought NOOOOOOO but you know what? no pain at all, YOU CAN DO IT, I have every faith in you.



Thanks Chucks


I have had the steriod in my stings a bit but nothing to bother about ...when u are in constant pain u will have anything done...but believe me these injections are nothing to worry about. I Count to 10 in my head and then it is all over.... hope this helps...



Thank you Susan- I am such a woosey


Hi Really feel for you because you must be in agony over this, have you thought about meditation, etc to help you conquer the phobia and fear assoicated with it? Did something happen that set the phobia off? My sister in law is needle phobic too, and she is diabetic so she has to inject her self four times a day, plus all the finger prciking for sugar levels she has to do. I had a couple of steroid injections recently, breathe in and out and over in seconds. Every injection is horrible, have a think about what may help tackle the phobia, you are not alone, but there is help to help you get to grips with it. Take it easy, hope you get the help, and you are not a wimp, take care x


Hi Jetblack, Yes I had the oral steroids which were marvelous, only they did make me put on weight as I was on them a while. Now the weight is off, I dont want to jepordise gaining again due to medication- its a pain, when your in pain- but I think I will just have to get a grip and ask for the injection- just hope I can hold off the tears- oh cricky me what am I like


Hi Hunnie ,

I have had this done twice and I can say I never had the pre med done before the needle , It really was not that bad :) , you will be fine Xx

Jan Xx


hello my sweety x Hows you


Hi I go along with what has been said here. Injection of steroid into buttock was over and done with in a few seconds. In fact I had to ask the nurse if she had finished as I wasn't sure.

Whenever I have to have an injection I make a point of not looking at the needle beforehand (look away to the wall) and repeat the word 'relax' and make myself do exactly that.

No one thinks you are a wimp for feeling like you do about injections we all have phobias ... even your rheumy nurses will have one phobia or another.

When I am having something done which bothers me (like an MRI scan) I try beforehand to think of it as just a hospital appointment and block the fact that it is an MRI scan until I'm at the hospital, remember they treat people all of the time who are reluctant to have injections so they really are used to it.

Good luck and keep smiling (even if it is behind gritted teeth ! )

Judi xxxx

PS- of course you could hold in your head a picture of the last man you see in the waiting room wearing just pants and socks (I'm sure this remedy wont fail you 'cause either way it will make you laugh or sigh)


thanks for all the top tips. Have to see the nurse on Tuesday, as the drugs are not doing a deal for me I guess the next step wll be steroid injection.


All you lovelies have gave me such encouragement- how dare I be so scared, after reading some of your posts on what you have to endure on a daily basis. Puts things into perspective, I need to grow a back bone and deal with it. Once again thank you all , and I wish you all better health, its a dreadful thing to go through.xXx


It becomes a necessary evil im sure no one actually enjoys injections.. my gold injection is in my bum and it hurts a lot so I lie face down on the couch , the good news about the rear location is you dont see the needle...

my top tip is not to look at the needle and a good nurse will put you at ease x

Good luck


My nurse never offered it me on my appointment on Tuesday, im in more pain now than ever- the sulfasalazine is not working- im off the methatrexate as it made my hair fall out im in a right old pickle.

I tried contacting the nurse today- she left early

my consultant is away for a fortnight as is her secratary

im in agony-the docs wont touch me with out my consultants permission

what do I do?


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