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So much pain and swelling

I was diagnosed with Ra and osteoporosis arthritis in 2008 I have been on so much medication and all it does is make me gain weight and swell really bad go back to the doctor this week I am in so much pain I have so much swelling does anybody have any idea what medication I can suggest to her I need something that’s gonna take the pain and swelling away. I’ve gained 70 lbs while they experiment on different medication

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Which ones have you tried?


enbrel has been a good drug for me its a biologic drug


If you could let us know which you've already tried that would be helpful. As well as your DMARD/s anti-TNF or biologic are you prescribed an NSAID for example? Normally we're led by our Rheumy's they discuss options & we make an informed choice, do you mean by which medication can you suggest to her you don't think she's treating you correctly or giving you options? Usually if our inflammatory levels are increased & our DAS 28 score is higher than normal med doses are amended accordingly.


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If everything is inflamed, perhaps IM steroid to get you through?


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