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Folic acid mistake on MTX day!


Just realised I have taken my folic acid without thinking at lunchtime and tonight is when I inject my weekly methotrexate. Obviously, not meant to take them on same day. Will this mean MTX won’t work? It is too late for me now to call the clinic for advice. Should I go ahead with metoject? I don’t want to get out of sync. Any advice gratefully received!

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Many of our American/Canadian friends on here are told to take folic acid 7 days a week, so it is unlikely to be a problem... not medical advice of course but in your position I would carry on with your injection as normal.

Ok thanks! It seems odd that they are told that (7days folic) as the Rh nurse told me before that it can stop MTX working. I am going to go ahead anyway

Don't worry - just carry on as usual. It's only one day.

It won't make that much difference once, you won't notice it because it doesn't reduce the dose by much, it doesn't stop the MTX working completely. It's just if the two were taken the same day regularly. If it really bothers you could hold off your folic acid tomorrow & inject in the evening, returning to injecting Wed night next week. I've taken my folic acid in the past & injected as normal & been fine, no different.

It's quite normal for people in Canada & the US to take folic acid 7 days a week. I was given 5mg folic acid 7 days a week. I live in Canada.

Don’t think you need to worry it shouldn’t make any difference if it’s just the one day.

I’ve done this numerous times with no adverse effects. I don’t think it’ll make much difference, to be honest. However, if worried, seek medical advice.


My Rheumy has ordered Folic Acid 5 mg daily (7 days per week) for me too, in Canada also.

I live in the US, have had RA 34 years and have been on MTX off and on many times. Lately for the past year now I’ve always taken folic acid every day.

I take folic acid every day and no it wont interfere with the MTX. I used to take one on a Friday ( and MTX on a Monday) but my latest Rheumatologist made it daily.

Forgot to tell you that I am Australian


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