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I've just come back from hospital. Had 2 appointments today 1 for ra, 2nd to have scan on my bowel due to diclofenic. My ra nurse has upped my folic acid from 1 a week to 3 a week as i'm so exhausted all the time and my lips on the edges get very sore like cracks. so more drugs to take,just hope that it works. The scan is for my bowels after i had a nasty dose of diverticulitus whereby i was admitted to hospital. Am now full of wind and feel bloated. At least i got it before i go on holiday tomorrow. So everyone hope you all keep well and try to keep laughing at this cruel disease that we have to suffer. Sylvia.

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  • I do hope you feel better for and because of your holiday, Sylvi. To be honest, I dont really know what folic acid does - can anyone explain?

    Chronic fatigue is such a difficult thing, I've just got up after my afternoon nap which is becoming a habit but I dont really feel energetic after it, just a bit more alert.

    I live in Scotland, where its been much cooler, but went to London last weekend and it was about 28 degrees in the car. I felt completely wiped out. Does anyone else find that British heat is exhausting? Heat elsewhere, where its damp, seems to be easier to cope with

  • Dear cathie,

    I also find trouble with the heat. First time we were in spain and i couldn't explain why i felt so ill. My joints gave way too. I used to think nothing of sitting in the sun, but now if it gets too hot i'm useless. The re nurse told me afterwards that the heat has the same effect as the cold.So i can't win either way. I should rest more, my problem is when i do feel well i go at it to get some work done. I don't pace myself, how are you supposed to pace yourself when you have a home to run.I just not like that. Thanks to methatraxate i've got the skin of a really old person, very thin.I'm going to the eden project while i'm down in cornwall so when i go into the tropical part hopefully i'll find out..sylvia.

  • Hi Sylvi and Cathie

    Methotrexate inhibits a number of folate dependent metabolic steps.This causes a depleted pool of reduced folates and produces a state of folate deficiency.

    It is likely that some of the side effects of methotrexate are due to this folate deficiency. Regular folic acid supplements are thought to reduce toxicity of methotrexate. However there has been much controversy regarding the dose of folic acid and whether it has benefit on toxicity without being detrimental to methotrexate efficacy.

    I take folic acid every day except methotrexate day and never had side effects from the methotrexate!

    Lyn x

    PS Folic acid isn't really a drug per se, it's a supplement to boost folate levels.

  • All i can say lyn is i hope the folic acid helps. I've also got to have a blood test that checks my thyroid as well as all the other things they check for. I will have that when i get back from cornwall as i'd already had a canula in my arm today for the scan and i didn't feel up to sitting there for ages.I will have an early night tonight as it was a bad one last night. Sylvia. x

  • Sylvi, if you go to Eden project if you dont know, the parking can be quite a long way from the main pods, so I hope you'll be able to find somewhere near. And I'd really recommend the lost garden of Heligan, especially the walled veggie garden which had piineapples growing!

    Have a lovely holiday, its a lovely area.

    And to LynW - what are folates - I'll have to look it up on google, it must be related to foliage, which we wear on our heads!

  • It's a naturally occuring B Vitamin found in foods. This explains

    Foliage ... heads??? You okay Cathie? :)

  • Just spent the morning at grandson's sports day, then painting class. Perhaps that explains why I'm thinking of the foliage we wear on our heads!

    Do you know the vegetable man?

  • I've got a blue badge. We'll be there when it opens thats the best for parking. Been once before and enjoyed it. I also want to go to heligan garden, we'll see how that goes.I also have a electric scooter so that shouldn't be a problem. xx

  • Have a lovely time Sylvia; I love Cornwall but not been for a long time!

    Lyn x

  • I take 5mg folic on a tuesday and my mtx of 20mg on a Friday. Notice a slight thinning of hair lately, wonder should I ask about increasing the folic?

  • i don't know you can only ask. I wasn't expecting to take more pills, only time will tell. sylvia. x

  • Hi Sylvi

    sorry you have had tummy troubles. I had a do once when I had to go into hospital with colitis. I did 80 poohs in one week!!! Yes I know much too much information!! I only know how many cos the nursing staff were charting it all.

    I have had loads of sigmoidoscopys and a couple of full colonoscopy`s. The wind after wards is a tad embaressing...... ha! Ha!

  • Tell me about the wind. it was nearly as bad as its going to be in cornwall this weekend, But the wind down there won't smell !!! We lose al dignity when we have to go into hospital don't we. See you all in 2weeks. bye.xx

  • Hi Sylvi. I take folic acid every day except metho day. Like Lyn I have suffered minor side effects but now hardly any. Hope you feel better have lovely holiday wind and all.....!

    Julie xx

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