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unusual symptoms of ra

I have ha RA for 35years and have had nearly every medication known to man, unfortunately I am one of these RA sufferers who have bad reactions to most drugs. I wait 3months for it to kick in and then find it doesn't work when I actually find one that does whoopee! its a great feeling back to nearly normal life for a while. At the moment I am waiting for Xeljanz to work and am on prednisolone which I hate (it blows me up like a balloon) but heh hoh I'd rather have that than the pain.

I am getting a lot of pain in my right arm and hand which includes pins and needles and numbness which I haven't had before anyone out there with similar symptoms and what do you do about it?

I also have a prolapse causing bladder incontinence for which I am waiting for an op and bowel incontinence the prolapse op will supposedly fix.

I have an all on Wednesday to see rheumatoid and have pre-op so will keep you updated on my progress.

Keep your fingers or whatever crossed for me! Sorry to bore you with all this but most people don't really want to know.

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Certainly will! Hope this is the one for you.

As for pins and needles, do go talk to GP as could be unrelated to RA and a trapped nerve or similar. Don't suffer needlessly.


I hope all goes well for surgery.

I did not have incontinence but did have gyny repairs three years ago, pre RA.

Look after yourself!

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As a long term RA sufferer myself (since 1971) your second paragraph concerns me. I'm no doctor, but have 46 years experience of this disease. Arm pain and numbness and tingling in hand could be something minor, but could also be more serious. I had very mild intermittent numbness & tingling in 2002 which resulted in urgent neurosurgery to decompress and stabilise my neck. I would suggest get seen asap as its a new symptom. Good luck.


Excellent advice, I have 50 plus yrs. with RA and know we surely can help others with support and direction from pure experience.


Hi there, saw your post and want to say, I have had RA for 54 yrs. and also have taken every medication known to man as well! I think we have much in common. I too had reactions to all past treatments. My last was the infusion, Orencia, it was great - felt like a new person born again!! Then, pneumonia twice. Your post was not at all boring to me as I can truly imagine your situation. I had liver failure just 4 yrs. ago, avoided a transplant and am now doing well on Cellcept. It is autoimmune hepatitis I have. Doctors eventually concluded I had a virus attack my liver since my long-standing problem has been the autoimmune disease itself. Long story short, I am pretty functional now, also took prednisone and yrs. ago 14 aspirin a day (before the biologics). Also had gold injections back when. Now I have learned to keep a positive mindset. As far as tingling/numbness, yes, I have had these symptoms on and off. Sounds like some nerve involvement you have. I do know chronic inflamation can effect circulatory system. By the way, I live in the US and am really enjoying this group since people are primarily RA sufferers. It takes one to know one, right? I am also a social worker and have worked for years with individuals with medical problems, so I get it.

I wish you well, keep the faith always.


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