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Flare :(


Just a little moan cos I'm pretty sure I'm heading into a flare up right before I'm meant to be having a weekend away (3hr train journey included). Really hoping it's mild enough that the excitement will be able to push me through.

It'll be a good chance to test out my CBD oil at least. Got some to see if it helps at all and it seems to be working okay so far for little things. Have yet to test it on the real deal.

Honestly, the thing I'm most annoyed by is I seem to be having an IBS flare too and that has way more embarrassment potential. :/

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I'm trying it too last couple of days, too early to tell really and I would love it to work so keep thinking I'm imagining 😀 ! Have a lovely weekend, hope flare subsides a bit

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Good luck!

For me it seems to work okay for headaches and stuff so I'm hoping it will do at least something for this, even if I need to take extra.

Good thing with it is that you can take like as much as you need which you obviously can't with painkillers, so I think I'll just keep taking it until I notice something :p

Basic painkillers have done nothing so far so I figure I should give this a go before trying any of the heavy stuff.

Thanks :)

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Absolutely, all the pokier painkillers make me feel a bit sick so it's worth a try. Fingers crossed eh?

Forgive me if I sound daft, but I take it it's an oil you rub on your joints

No. Well I think you can get it like that actually, but mostly you take it by mouth by dropping some under your tongue.

It's an extract from the hemp/ cannabis plant (I think different suppliers take it from one or the other), but contains no THC (the psychoactive part) and is totally legal.

I got mine from Koi cos it has good lab tests and was easy to get off amazon.

Yes that's right I remembered them doing it on the American camper bus trip that was on last week and was very interesting, I'm going to give it a try and see how I get on, I'm on Benepali and methetrexate injections at the moment and I'm starting to struggle again

I hope it helps. Even if it's just doing a little extra on top of the other stuff. :)

Let's hope you don't go into a flare!!! Enjoy your weekend :)

I hope your flare stays at bay and you can enjoy your trip! Let us know how the CBD works.

Quick update:

Flare is not terribly bad. More annoying than anything. :D Was a bit of an issue with walking from place to place, but the wonderful organisers of the trip got me in a taxi after that and are being super sweet now with me being shattered.

So all in all not too bad (probably shouldn't say that before getting the train home though).

CBD oil is going well so far. Have been taking some each time I get pain and it seems to stop it for at least a while. Sitting on an uncomfy chair at dinner had my legs hurting, but two lots through the meal saw me through.

I'd guess it lasts an hour or so usually which is cool for me cos my pains don't last too long anyway so unless I'm in a situation that's causing pain it's basically that episode dealt with. Something that might come in handy for getting to sleep with an episode going on actually.

Works better than painkillers at least and since there's no real limit to how much you can take it seems it will be my new go to. Took maybe 6 lots yesterday and no negative effects so yay. It has also worked for headaches at the cinema etc which is great.

I did get cocodafen to try a little while ago, but I don't think I'll be needing to try that quite yet. Maybe when a proper flare comes along I'll need to double team though.

So glad I decided to give it a go! Now I shouldn't have to consider medications for a good while at least which is such a comfort. I just wish it was a bit cheaper :p

Good luck to anybody else considering or trying it. I hope it helps for you too. :)

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