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Don’t get bored with boron posts

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I thought my post ‘boron not boring’ was quite novel but today found this link:

Good info from research. Boron can be found in higher doses from borax; okay in the USA, not so easy to find since EU directives changed its status. But the real borax mineral is available on eBay UK.

Or boron supplement in triple bioavailable form can be found from amazon UK; I take 3-6mg daily as a supplement.

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My wife printed out, I just read/re-read:

Which is the same URL posted by hidden. Having been taking 6mg/daily of calcium borogluconate, by Now...

Rereading this article I think is useful for everyone. Reference 91, a new PCA diagnostic test, which I have yet to dig into.

IMHO the topic of Boron dovetails with Nalkrates today/recent comments about T, free T, since boron has functions in estrodiol, T and PCA and cancers in general.

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