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RA treatments re mycoplasma

A friend pointed me to this link. It gives info about which mycoplasma may be implicated in RA. Searches (wiki and studies) show the truth about mycoplasma infection in humans, not a myth.

We are not supposed to use borax in the UK since EU directives forced in disapproval for consumption, but colloidal silver is legal.

There are other recommendations and information on this link too.


Hope this might help!

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Charisma7. There are antibiotics to tackle Mycoplasma but I do not know if they are used much in humans: Such as tylosin, fluoroquinolones, and tetracyclines as examples.



Hi hawker955

Yes, tetracycline group do. But natural antibiotics do not play havoc with the digestive tract.


What natural antibiotics? Natural does not equate to good! Natural substances of course, include aarsenic and cyanide and St John's Wort, all harmful. So to what product are you referring? Thanks. And are they proven against Mycoplasma?

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I find your tone rather confrontational.

Of course I know natural does not equate to good. Nor does man made.

You have not bothered to read the post, including the link, nor even investigated mycoplasma in humans.

I have. I do not claim to be an expert nor a doctor nor do I advocate any particular products.

However, if I can help myself and others through RA by giving the body ways to avoid the nasty side effects of any pharmaceutical drug, that will be a good outcome of posting here.

I will be busy for the next few hours so please take time to consider before responding.

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Sorry, Charisma, not intended to be confrontational but just challenging to unsubstantiated suggestions that might be harmful. I just like to see evidence for such claims; evidence that is often lacking! No offence meant.


Hi hawker995

Blogs are so anonymous, always the possibility of rubbish.

I am new to pursuing answers to RA. But I do try to be accurate in what I post.

One link to naturally antibiotic foods:


Might be what lots of people know already.

I too used to think along the lines of just because it’s natural does not mean it is good; but the use of natural is rather vague.

Water is natural, necessary and good. But too much of it can kill.

Similarly, with digitalis etc; good for medicinal purposes in controlled doses but classed as poison.

I value alternatives to drugs which are highly toxic although right now I am taking the prescribed toxic drugs and trying to get used their effects; ‘side effects’ is another crazy term. If effects are unwanted we call them side effects, but all effects are down to the medication!

Anyway, I am not happy to keep poisoning my body to treat symptoms when the underlying cause has been shown, not hypothesised, to implicate at least two mycoplasma types.

Modern medicine in the West ignores this, just as for hundreds of years a simple cure for scurvy was dismissed so that sailors suffered and died unnecessarily.

That is where my searching has got me so far. If you can help, it would be appreciated.

Angela. :-)

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Link to mycoplasma in RA findings.

Also mycoplasma mentioned in wiki


You have to scroll to relevant parts. :-)

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Interesting. I feel strongly that I have a bacterial connection to my inflammatory arthritis. I took an antibiotic for a skin infection and my arthritis improved dramatically. I had to stop as the antibiotic was penicillin based and I developed a reaction to it. I have since been taking raw garlic daily in addition to a healthy low acid diet and the muscle in my calfs is strengthening ( I have had a fair bit of quite dramatic muscle wasting and weight loss which has now, 2 years in, has mostly reversed with my calfs being the last to recover) ( it is calfs isn't it ? It looks odd but I can't have 2 calves on my legs surely ! ) I am also slowly but perceptibly getting stronger and able to do more. I think garlic, a natural antibiotic, is helping.

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Hi apbrooke

Yes, garlic will help health, it is a natural antibiotic. I need to eat more of it myself.

I found out recently that it likes to be stored in a dark place rather than the fridge. So, it goes in an egg carton inside a cupboard in my home.

So sorry you have had so much muscle wasting; mine is in arms and neck. Legs ok. It is two calves even in the leg, LOL

Physio is helping me but limited due to thoracic and cervical spine damage.

I hope you improve. We just get on with it and hope for some healing between flares; at least I do!

Have a comfortable weekend!

Angela. :-)


Hi, haha I just lost the plot for a moment and thought is it like cows ? Do we really have one calf and two calves ? But it seems we do. : ) Ah yes wishing you a comfortable weekend too from one Angela to another. : )

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Another link to studies on the role of mycoplasma ie as cause of RA, though not yet conclusively proven by man’s scientific methods:


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