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Rib, Lung

Rib pain, with what feels like a twinge, or spasm in lung

Any thoughts on what it is?

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Costochondritis seems the most likely. I had this and it is extremely painful. I would advice you to get it checked out though.


Likewise, sounds like costochondritis too. I also have had it, twice now and it is very painful. I found particularly when taking in a deep breath or for me when trying to lie down or get up! The first bought was cleared quickly as I happened to start a dose of Prednisolone at the time and also saw my Physio who managed to massage the two troublesome “ tendons” in my ribs to somewhat stretch them as they had contracted tightly ( possibly not explaining it very well but that was my understanding of what was going on). Most recent bought took much longer (8 weeks) to clear but I didn’t seek medical help as I knew what it was. Basically it is an inflammation in the rib area. I am sure others will be able to explain it in more accurate medical terms. I wish I had sought medical help straight away as 8 weeks of additional pain takes it’s toll! Best of luck.


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