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Feeling Meh!

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And so it begins again. After enjoying the lovely warm weather during the summer, my body is turning. At the moment, my right arm is bloody killing me, my right knee hurts & keeps giving way, feet are burning & I'm getting more emotional. For instance, last night, while standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom, removing my makeup, a sudden thought came into my head & I started to get all emotional! There's me thinking 'what the bloody hell's going on, get a grip woman'

Admittedly, It has been a tough year for me & my family. But my emotions have not really been sudden outburst. I know there's no harm in letting your emotions go, but I don't really want to be in the middle of a supermarket crying, all by myself. That would be far too embarrassing. lol

i have a phone consultation with my GP next Tuesday (so difficult to get an appointment), so will try to let him know exactly how I'm feeling. :(

Does anybody else feel like this when the seasons change?

Struggling to say the least.

Time for cuppa-o-tea.

Ruth x

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Yes! I was diagnosed with depression in 2007 which is exasperated by SAD (seasonally affected disorder). Having a natural sunrise/sunset lamp helps (mine’s a Lumi Lamp .... other makes are available I am sure!) along with taking a VitD supplement from Oct to March/April. I like the odd spa day and tend to do these in the winter months... friends and family not sure what to get you for Xmas? Ask for spa vouchers for a local day spa which can be clumped together to give you a lovely treat if you like such things. I manage to get two spa days a year at no costs to me this way - family and friends are happy with this arrangement and so is my bank account!

I cope much better these days as I know/understand what is happening and I have a therapist who I see every 6-8 weeks through a service called ‘Let’s Talk’. If it’s sunny some winter days I wrap up in my 4 season sleeping bag and lie on our garden bench reading in the midday sun for an hour or two. Or if it’s too cold I will lie on cushions in the sunniest room listening to the radio etc to get my mojo back. And last of all we’ve taken to going to sunnier climes over Xmas hols.

All the best


P.S. a good pick me up song is Bruce Springsteen singing ‘This little light of mine’. I’m not a religious bod but his version of this has so much positive energy it’s hard not to feel at least a little lift from listening to this one!!!

I definitely suffer a bit from SAD, and sometimes it can start as early as September (thanks to our lovely Scottish climate!), and its such a horrible feeling. I think there’s a lot to be said for getting as much natural daylight as possible.

I noticed quite a difference after I stopped work and moved house: I worked in a basement office, which although it had a window, was still pretty dark and we always had the lights on, even on the brightest summer days. In the winter I was going out and coming home in the dark, but since I took early retirement and moved house 7 years ago, things are so much better, especially as my new house is bright with big windows, and I get out as much as possible. I bought a SAD light the first winter I was here but have rarely used it, so I definitely think having access to as much daylight as possible.

Having said all that I have recently been suffering from dreadful anxiety attacks, and was questioning whether that might be attributable to mtx, but now wondering if SAD is at play....🤔

Good luck with your GP call - hope you get a sympathetic response. 😀

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