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Clicky locky fingers!

Hello, I noticed that there are a few pretty old posts on this topic, but just wondering if anyone found a solution to the clicky fingers? Some of my fingers were starting to deform, and I was advised to wear finger splints. It has been about 3 months since I started wearing these splints. My fingers wouldn't click and lock as much before that. But now they seem to lock in a straightened position, and I have to unlock the joint with my other hand to make it bend again. It scares me because I wonder if someday I just won't be able to unlock the finger and it will be stuck like that forever! Any advice on how to reduce the clicking and locking?

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I had my orthopedic doctor put a shot it my hand and it stopped my finger from locking and clicking. I had the shot over a year ago.


Was it a shot of steroid?


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