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Steroids / Blood Levels

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I wonder if anyone knows, does taking steroids hide the inflammation in your blood. I've been really really flaring up over the last 3 months. I've had to have a pause in my medication but if all infection markers are gone from my blood i am due to start Benepali in October, ive had a depo injection during this time and i was on 15mg which has just been reduced to 10mg of pred. Im due bloods this week to check inflammation levels. Even with the steroids ive been struggling with swelling and painful joints, but would the fact ive taken a quite a but of steriods mean that my ESR AND CRP would be significantly lower than it would be without it. Im over thinking a bit. I want my Rheumy to see that not only am i saying things are bad my bloods match that!...

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Yes they do but prolonged steroids cause changes in the blood as well. Liver enzymes, and other effects

Yes steroids do have an effect on your blood markers. Sorry! However if you are flaring badly, and still have swollen and painful joints then it won't have got them back to normal. It's likely that they'll still be above normal.

A sensible rheumy will know that and listen to what you say and what your joints look like, not just what's on the bit of paper.

They may also look at your Disease Activity score. Have a look on the NRAS website as it may help you when you see your rheumatologist. Good luck and to not to worry

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