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nose waters when eating

hello...have ra now for 2 plus years,just wandering if anybody out there gets nose waters when they eat or when you work hard? I have gone thru 4 types of dmards,3 biologics,prednisone,nothing seems to work very long or not at all.I now have deformed hands,wrist,elbows,knees,feet.was I diagnosed wrong,is it a infection?should I be taking antibiotics?i am in pain 24/7 , I am now getting sharp pain under my left lower rib cage, do I need to look for another do? or is RA?

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Yes I do get nose waters.It.s like my nose is crying it,s just like tears.when I eat,when I,m doing housework if I,m on the move it,s running .been like along while,Doctors Don,t seem concerned.it can be a nuisance if I can,t find tissue quick.


It's known as gustatory rhinorrhea - and I get it pretty much every time that I eat or drink (have done for a long time). Some people only experience it if they eat something spicy but my nose runs irrespective. It's known as gustatory rhinitis if it only happens with some foods. It's very common and there can be several underlying reasons.

For some people, the abnormal secretions begin after injury from an infection, a surgical operation, or cranial trauma that affects nerves that control the responses.

I always have the charming habit of gustatory sweating - I'm a very picturesque dinner companion. :) In my case, I think it's several head injuries that I've had.

Exercise-induced rhinorrhea is very common (>60% of people in some groups of those who exercise, irrespective of allergy history) as is exertion-induced rhinorrhea.

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Would it also not be in relation to your temperature rising? As it would do on eating and exercising.?


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