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Ouch! 😩

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Today, has been the first day of my legs, feet & hips really hurting. While out walking to the shopping centre, albeit a 10 minute walk, it felt like my legs were swelling up, feet burning, & hips had a warm uncomfortable sensation!!

Now, I do a 10 minute walk everyday to the bus stop, to catch the bus for work, & pop to the shopping centre twice a week. Only ever had slight pain i could tolerate before, but blummin heck today the discomfort on my face must of been showing, my pace felt like a snails pace.

Going to have to try & get an appointment now with a GP πŸ˜•

By the way, i always get the bus back home from shopping, it's a bit of a climb going up, i'd be crawling on my knees otherwise. 😊

Resting now. Feet up. Cuppa tea.

UPDATE: 26/09/17

Still feeling pretty shite, legs & feet have a burning sensation, & my upper body feels like I'm carrying a tonne of bricks on my shoulders.

Spoke to a GP this afternoon to see if I'm able to get an appointment. But instead i have to call tomorrow morning at 8am to try an get an 'open appointment', but, you only have half an hour to try and get an appointment. Ridiculous really, because it takes so long for them to answer the bloody phone, always on hold, if you go down to the surgery first thing in the morning, there's a bloody long queue. HOW THE HECK!!!


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Hi, sorry you can't get seen, can you phone a helpline at your Rheumatoly dept at hospital, if I get a bad flare up I can phone the helpline they give great advice, if really bad they call you in there and then for an examination or a steroid injection. Good luck with GP.

Everything crossed but my eyes xxx


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UPDATE: Got to see a GP on Wednesday morning. After explaining my symptons & the GP examining me, testing my balance & testing my nerve reaction. She thinks there maybe a problem with my back, therefore, blood test are needed for the things they haven't tested already, & an MRI on my back is needed.

Doesn't seem to think there's anything wrong with my walking! (even though i was struggling & in agony the other day). BAFFLED!! 😞

Blood test on the 10th October. Waiting for MRI appointment.

Also, had to cancel appointment for PIP assessment, which was also on the 10th October, which was in Birmingham! I don't drive, haven't got anyone to go with, due to their family commitments. I can just about manage a 20 minute bus journey, never mind travelling to Birmingham from Telford (1& 1/2hr journey).

Last time i went to Birmingham was over 20yrs ago, I think it's changed a tadge since then. I'll get bloody lost, knowing me...

Ah well, happy days!!

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