Does Damp Weather Make RA Worse

I have been on MTX injections for over a year now and it seems to be working for me. My symptoms have really stabilized. The last week the weather up here (Norfolk) has got really damp, not that cold or rainy but those very damp mornings with a lot of dew on the ground and my joints have really started playing up again. I have done a bit of research and it cannot be proven scientifically that weather affects RA. Is it an old wives tale? Does this happen to anyone else and if so any tips?

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  • Not for me. Weather has no effect. My grandmother always said that she was worse in hot weather, not cold. I assume because the joints felt hot in the first place?

  • I'm not sure,but if anything affects me it's sudden changes in weather or atmospheric pressure that cause joints to grumble. It happens when flying as well.

  • I don't think many of those who have RD would agree it's an old wives tale, it's often talked about here. Both damp & humidity have an effect on me. It is contentious though, there have been studies

  • I feel it when the pressure changes. I have OA, at the moment my body is hurting.

    Winter is a nightmare for me, I feel as though i'm walking/sitting in ice constantly, no matter how many layers i have on, & the pain is agonising.

    Can't wait for the winter! (She says sarcastically) 😕

  • I find weather affects me especially damp and cold weather. From the beginning of September I start to wear gloves to work as walk to the bus stop which is approximately 25 minutes at my pace. My fingers start to sting.

  • Yes! There's now a negligible time of the year when I don't need gloves. tbh, I need gloves or an oven cloth just to get something out of the fridge, never mind freezer. And I can't hold a tumbler with an iced drink.

    I don't have Raynaud's but this onset of stupid sensitivity to cold makes me wonder how they cope - and this is from someone who has been lifelong cold so I'm surprised that I've started noticing the fridge etc. so much.

  • Or going through the chilled or frozen sections of the supermarkets, OH MY DAYS! The temperature hits me straight away, i have to go through it as quick as possible 🏃😵

  • There is a long term research study going on currently looking at this, with people recording their symptoms and weather patterns on an app. Sorry can't find the app right now. I started doing it but found I wasn't obsessive enough to do it regularly, so I stopped.

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