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Hi,been on the above for the last 4 weeks.Suffered sickness peeling nails.Had my 2 weekly blood test last week.They rang to say my white blood cells are 3 several other things.Need blood taking again.So rang New surgery (just moved house) the doctor said don't need another blood test.Ring the Rhumatology at the hospital which I did.Was told I do need another blood test.Rang the doctors.I can have one extra Friday is the earliest appt they have.Also Rhumatology said to keep off the Methotrexate tomorrow.(I take 8 every Monday. What does anyone else make of that?

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One of the problems with methotrexate can be an effect on your white blood cells, which is why you are monitored. So follow the instructions and don't take your next dose, have another blood test. The effect presumably isn't so great as to worry the GP who looked at the result but may be a drop compared to your previous levels, so needs monitoring. I can remember it happening fairly often when I was on methotrexate and having to have repeat blood tests - on one occasion twice a week - but I think that might have been affected by other factors as well at the time.


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