Underactive thyroid

Underactive thyroid

Hi if anyone out there is suffering with an underactive thyroid I'd love to share with you what I have found to be a life saver! I found a herb called Ashwagandah and it can help with a lot of things but it truly has saved my life. It has even helped my husband with his insomnia. It has to be Ashwagandah on its own and I get mine from piping rock as they always give great deals and get two for the price of one. Hope this helps someone as it has helped me! I can't live without it because without it my brain was shutting downward! Now I gave my energy back and enthusiasm for life! Te

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  • Hello

    Never heard of this before. What is it exactly please?

  • It is a herb grown in India I havnt had any more tiredness since Iv been on it.

  • That's interesting. Do you feel a lot better? What dosage do you use? Thanks

  • Yes I'm feeling alert and back to my old self but before this it was like my brain had shut down. It's a life saver for me!

  • I take the 460mg and I take two tablets every morning. This herb has helped but it's not for everyone. It can even help insomnia as it helped my husband so it's amazing because it keeps me alert which is what I needed and it helps my husband sleep.

  • I'm pleased this is helping you & I know we get excited when something works for us but do please be careful when recommending herbs/supplements. It's best to check first if there are any interactions with meds. In this instance there are with prednisolone/prednisone, other corticosteroids & certain immune suppressants as it boosts the immune system & can give false blood test results. Also diabetics need to be aware it may lower their blood sugars as do those taking beta blockers & blood thinners. As with any supplement we're always advised it's best to check with your prescriber.

  • I have just looked up this herb, it's actions and contra-indications. I would suggest that anyone tempted to try it do the same.


  • It has saved my life. Doctors do nothing! They hand out drugs that send you insane. So do the shrinks!

  • The main thing is that it has helped me and I havnt had any side effects it's a lot better then some of the harmful drugs the doctors dish out. Yes people do have to be careful but there are warnings on most medications even herbs. It has saved my life because the way I was deteriorating before I discovered this herb well it would have been a slow death. I only put it out there to help someone like me and I hope it does!

  • I am really pleased that you have found something that helps relieve your suffering and that you were so kind as to share your experiences with this herb. I merely suggested that, as with all medicines whether pharmaceutical or traditional, it would be wise to check possible interactions with meds already being taken. I wish you well.


  • Thank you yes I know we all have to be careful even with prescription drugs!

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