Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

I was just told by my orthopedic dr that I have cubital tunnel syndrome. He suggested I try a conservative way to fix it first by keeping my elbow straight while I sleep. I tried this last night by wrapping it in an Ace bandage but it only appeared to make my hand swell (it was not too tight). I know if it's going to work, it'll take some time but would that be a normal response?

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  • As well as splinting your elbow at night, resting that arm helps enormously too. I had to have my nerved moved in the end though and have had no pain since. It also has the benefit of not having the funny bone! My hand never swelled but I had it years before I got RD. Hope you get it sorted soon,


  • Thanks! I know it's only been 1 night but I've had this for about 5 months and I just really don't think doing this is going to change anything but I understand the dr wanting to try other things before surgery.

  • I tried splinting and resting for at least 3 months before I was offered surgery.

  • I have cubital tunnel syndrome too, so you have my sympathies. I'd not heard of an ace bandage and I looked it up. As it's a compression bandage, i imagine it could cause swelling. Can you try a different splint/bandage? Did they offer you a steroid injection? I had for my carpal tunnel prior to the release surgery and it gave me some relief.

  • My dr actually said he doesn't do steroid injections for this type of thing, which surprised me. He's a hand/arm specialist so I didn't question him. It would've been nice (if it worked) but I've also had about 5 in the past in other areas and they hurt so bad.

  • Hi, you can buy splints specifically to wear overnight but I use a small hand towel rolled around my elbow with tape on it to stop it unrolling. It's just enough of a reminder to discourage you from bending your elbow and doesn't take too much getting used to!

  • Yeah he suggested a towel but I figured an Ace bandage would do the trick just as well - that way I wouldn't have to deal with tape. We'll see how it goes. Did you ever have surgery to correct it?

  • Not yet, I'm managing it reasonably well, but I think I could be headed that way!

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