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Flare or worsening symptoms

Hello all,

I'm sero-negative RA. I've been on Plaquenil and Maloxicam for 6 months and am in mid-titration of methotrexate to 20mgs. In the last month, I've had increased pain in both wrists, elbows, shoulders and even my neck. My question is this; how do I know if this is the RA getting more aggressive or is this a flare? I've had no remission since being diagnosed 6 months ago so I'm inclined to think that this is the disease ramping up. Anyone have similar experience?

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So sorry to hear that once again mtx hasn't worked on seronegative RA. Very often biologics are the ones that work. Since you already tried dmards for 6 m perhaps this would be an option. If you want to go the less aggressive route you could check your thyroid function, since often gives the same symptoms as RA, if a dysfunction exists. Combining this with eliminating dairy an gluten could be a route to try(?). Hope you find a solution soon. Simba

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