Jak inhibitors?

Does anyone know.about jak inhibitors, my rheumy is thinking about starting me on this as the next port of call. We are getting nowhere with the dmards. I'm worse now than when I started them. So at the moment I'm on just the steriods so I'm hoping (praying) that this new medication will work... I have to wait to start it though as they think I have ANOTHER infection... booo

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  • Here some recent information.


  • It is the newest of the biologic drugs, and it's big advantage is that it is a pill not an injection. It is curious why your rheumy is starting you on this one, as some of the others are a more common starting place. Not something to worry about but perhaps interesting to ask the question?

    There is as yet no way of telling which drug will work best for you, apart from trial and error.

    If you look on the NRAS.org website there is information on all of them.

  • The said it's brand new to the hospital trust and I'm wondering if they are lookin for people to test it... to be honest I'm will try anything at this point.

  • If you search under the name of the drug (xeljanz or tofacitinib) in search box top right I think you'll find posts from other people who are on it.

    Info from arthritis research is that Tofacitinib (Xeljanz) is one in a new class of drugs that inhibits Janus kinases, enzymes key to inflammation. It differs from other biologics because it targets RA from inside, not outside, the cells. But like biologics, it has a single target, the Janus kinases. Along with a risk for infection, tofacitinib can increase liver enzymes and cholesterol, and raise the risk of shingles, a viral infection that causes a painful rash.

  • I just started Xeljanz three days ago after failing everything else and being allergic to MTX. I'm tolerating it well so far and have absolutely zero appetite which I understand is quite common. It's pretty much all that's left right now. When a drug is strong enough to be used for suppression of the immune system to permit organ transplant, you know it's serious stuff. Yikes! Get over the infection soon!

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  • Thank you, as was unable to find my thing about it, lack of appetite works for me nitro bunny. The steroids have me eating everything not nailed down :( good luck I hope it works for you

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