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Bit of an update

Bit of an update

Haven't been on in a while, but have been reading posts to keep up. I have had my loading doses of cosentyx and so far so good the only side effect to date is a few mouth ulcers and some pain in the muscles of my legs which is a bit weird. Apparently it will take 9 months to kick in so I guess as usual it is the waiting game we all know so well. hahahah

I have been to the orthopedic surgeon who gave me a wrong steer, but I am now with a good podiatrist who is not charging me an arm and a leg to get some help. Seems my right ankle is squashing the tendons under the ankle bone, some long term I can't remember, so walking is becoming even more painful. Just goes with the rest of my feet pain so what's a bit more?

Have to buy $400 shoes and then if they don't work, orthotics, which will be more than that eeekkk. I hate this disease it is worse than a house as far as being a money pit.

Go in a week or so for another visit to my cardiologist, not sure what the plan is there, but I don't think things are quite right so I guess I will find out.

Hands, hmmm, well on the waiting list to see someone, but I guess it will be another year or so, so they should be really bad by then hahahah

I have been super busy at work which has just about wrecked me, but I love working and if I don't keep going I will lose my job.

Anyway I hope you are all doing OK and not in too much pain.

Winter here, so I am wishing for summer. I miss being warm and I function so much better in the warmth.

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I'll swap our overwhelming heat for something cooler right now! I don't like being hot, and it's over 30 degrees which is just too much! Give me a comfortable 16 any day.....

Hope things continue to work out, and just hope the $400 dollar shoes at least look nice.


Ohh over 30 is just my type of weather, but you guys aren't used to that level of heat though are you? we usually hover in the 30s in summer so I miss it when it is winter. I hate the minus 7 mornings brrrrr so hard to get my joints to want to move. The podiatrist was talking lace up shoes and I said, "nope, not wearing old lady lace up shoes. If I am paying $400 I want stylish". hahahaha


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