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I have a lump about the size of large pea close to my rt shoulder. It gets larger and smaller from time to time. Right now it's not that big, but the lump and my rt shoulder really hurt. My left shoulder hurts as well, but no lumps on that side. Rheumy said he would order a sonogram, but I think he has forgotten about it. I'll definitely call his office. I was wondering if anyone has had anything like this and if this is a basic RA I have read about. I wish my rheumy would explain things more. Thanks and hugs to all.

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I had what is called a Gangion Cysts. I had several on both feet.

When your RA is very active your joints swell up and it leaves no room for the sernovyl fluid that normally lubricates your joints.

The fluid is squeezed out and forms a cyst in the surrounding area, it goes bigger and smaller as you swell.

Not sure if this is what you have, but this is a type of cyst people with RA get type of cyst

When your RA is under control they cyst will dissapear as your body will absorb the fluid

(Sorry about the spelling, I'm on my phone)

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Thanks for your explanation. It was very helpful. :)

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I would ask your doctor if they have referred you the necessary source. Or phone the hospital & ask to get speak to someone relating to your appointment. Sam.

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