Bristol South Meads what are they like?

After the most appalling care at my current hospital which has seen me worse after a year post diagnosis and treatment withdrawn because I don't reach the funding level for biologics (I'm allergic to Dmards) I have been referred to Bristol for a second opinion. Is anyone prepared to say what they are like.

My current hospital has said because I've failed on four dmards but don't qualify for biologics as my blood doesn't show inflammation even though it's obvious to look at that they cannot treat me. I've been left in excruciating pain but no treatment since April. They told me i need to get some permanent damage before I get anything now.

My GP is disgusted and has referred me to Bristol but I'm worried in case they are the same

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  • I'm so pleased you saw your GP & are now being referred elsewhere. I'm not in your area so have no personal experience but a quick look on the NHS website for Bristol Southmead gave the sum total of 2 reviews for the Rheumatology Dept.... but they were 5 star reviews! I know it's not the same as one of us giving personal experience but you can read them here

    I truly hope you find you have better treatment at Southmead & start some kind of treatment & soon. You may be aware I've responded to your posts about your sorry experience so am aware of the care, or lack of, you've had from your current team. x 😙

  • Thanks nomoreheels. Without my GP I don't know what would happen. At least he is taking it seriously although he can't give me any treatment he is at least trying by referring me on.

    I think I struggle to get my head round a hospital that on diagnosis goes in aggressively with triple therapy and the whole thing saying how important it is to catch the disease early before permanent damage is caused. Sends you on a special managing RA course and tells you there are lots of options but above all we need to get it in to remission - to go from that to oh sorry you couldn't take 4 dmards we are now going to drop you and give you no treatment because you don't qualify for biologics so see ya.....the only thing that's changed in a year is I've got worse so how can they justify this complete about face! Either you need to intervene early to prevent disability or you don't.

  • Well, that's the job of a GP, thank goodness he's fighting your corner. I hope anyone who attends there sees your post & is able to give their experience.

    Can I ask, why do you work off two usernames? I've wondered before.

  • Ah it's because it depends whether be I'm posting off my tablet or my phone. Originally I logged on via Facebook on my tablet but then on my phone I couldn't remember the password so I had to log on through my email :)

  • Oh blinkin passwords, don't get me started! 😖

  • Southmead hospital is one of the best , thankfully.

  • Just been told my appointment is for October...can't believe it. Feel totally gutted

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