New to RAand wondering how long for biologics to work?

Very interesting to read all your posts. I, too, am new to the RA diagnosis but was told 5 years ago I had sjogrens- tried plaquinel at time but couldn't stomach it so lived on nsads until I had a really bad flare in Jan. Saw a new rheumatologist-tons of blood tests-put me on orencia and plaquinel but first a big round of prednisone. Just gave myself 6th shot and am doing 5mg daily of prednisone as well as 400 mg of plaquinel ( 5 in AM/5 PM). Last week babysat for grands and it has cost me in my back and legs. Takes 1/2 day to loosen up. My question is how long do these biologics take to work? For a few weeks I was pain free ( after a big shot of prednisone) but pain coming back. Don't know what to think.

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  • I ws told that they might take 3 months but in fact I was 95% better after two weeks.


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