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I'm confused again about ITP diagnosis

After stressing about bruises appearing on my body I went to the doctor who diagnosed ITP, she just said keep my eye on it it shouldn't cause to many problems, so I resigned myself to the diagnosis and put it to the back of my mind. Yesterday I had a call from my doctor who said she had consulted and specialist haemotologist who wants me to be referred to him, he wants more blood tests straight away. So here I go again worried about what it could be again. I know she gave me the diagnosis in good faith believing that is what I had but a part of me thinks she should have said let's just send you to someone just to make sure...... Anyway keep you posted again when I find out a diagnosis lol

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Sometimes we wish and need, a little more from our doctors. Here's hoping this next visit is able to offer an accurate diagnosis and aporopriate, helpful treatment.

Wishing you the very best.



Whoever told you to just keep an eye on it was wrong. They need to keep an eye on it.


Glad she rethought the diagnosis after you left the surgery.

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Yes! Not to scare you, but ITP should be followed closely with regular blood tests and referral to a specialist straight away! A low platelet count can indicate several conditions that need to be ruled out. Our youngest son was diagnosed with ITP at age 17. His platelet count was critical at 6000. He was hospitalized and began a high dose of steroids. His count rose slightly, but began to fall again when tapering steroids. His hematologist went to plan B and ordered an infusion of whinro. The treatment had initial side effects, but in the end, the pancreas began working properly again and he is a normal 27 year old with no sign of ITP.

Hoping for the best for you!


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