Hi all,

Hope you are all enjoying the sun!

Just a little moan!!!! I am sooooooo fatigued! Expected this after my first mtx dose, but assumed it would only last a couple of days, but am due to take my 2nd dose tonight and still feel like I've had the life sucked out of me! Don't feel ill or down or anything - just incredibly lazy😴 Is this normal, have always been so active till RA came a knocking😉

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  • Hey again! I can confirm...its completely normal! In my experience Mtx wipes me out for the day I take it. The other six days of the week I'm just regular knackered :-) Constant pain and inflammation is exhausting. I can relate to what you say about activity-Until I was diagnosed I was doing 12.5 hr shifts on a ward at the QE-Im an aux nurse. Like you I've gone from one extreme to another. It's a lot to come to terms with and its early days for you yet. You come across as a positive person though and that's a great thing :-)

  • Hi!!

    It is a shock, I was teaching and the thought on being responsible for 30 little ones in this state 😱 But hey, the sun is shining - a chance to lie around in the garden with a good book and a tonic (no gin 😫) - enjoy the weather !

  • Great attitude-should be on prescription! :-)

  • Hi Birminghamowl

    Yea the fatigue has been my biggest battle so far. Pain is bearable now but I've only got little bursts of energy but as I'm not getting great sleeps it's not surprising I'm tired a lot. It's a different level of tiredness than I've ever experienced before too. I'm back at work four hours a day only and am exhausted after my day but I'm just listening to my body and doing what I can. Housework can wait on a day like today...it's lazing in the garden for me too.

    Sharon 🌸

  • I constantly feel like I'm dragging a horse up hill. At the moment I'm asleep more than I'm awake!

    Feel for you. X

  • Mtx has not affected me that way I suspect. Reckon its the RD with me. If I do practically nothing it's fine, manageable, but sooo boring and frustrating. However if I actually do something like playing with granchildren, house work, gardening, shopping etc I have to rest up before and after and I resent it. I'd been so active before all this hit me like a sack of wet sand. Granny naps all the way! I'm lucky in that I was made redundant some 8 years ago and Himself can support me although being dependent grinds me the wrong way. Hugs


  • Hi Jan,

    I'm getting really bored and frustrated too - it's such a shock when you have been so active. Fortunately I gave up work last July. There is no way I could teach 30 5 year olds with this pain and fatigue!!!!! Left to do other things and spend more time with my children before they get to big - didn't envisage the other things would be sitting around on my backside!!!!! On the plus, have caught up on a lot of reading!!!

    Liza :-)

  • There's always a plus side - if you look hard enough!

  • Hi

    I take MTX on Mondays but by Thurs i.e. today I'm shattered! Totally wiped out..I still work but it was a complete struggle to get out of bed this morning.. I was going to ring in sick but as I'm in a temp contract I won't get paid.. so hey ho push on ...

    take care everyone



  • For OH the fatigue and complete lack of energy is the worst thing. He's on Methotrexate and hydroxychloroquine which seems to have mostly got the joint pains under control, but he describes the other symptoms as feeling like he has flu all the time just without the sniffly bit. He's also cold all the time- yesterday afternoon it must have been about 30 degrees in our bedroom and he was in bed fully clothed and still cold - horrible. Don't know whether all this is the drugs or the RA, but he's convinced he's been misdiagnosed and it's actually all thyroid related.

  • Totally agree, the fatigue is really hard to deal with. I too am really struggling with the cold, I thought it was just me!

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