Enterecept and traveling advice needed please

Hi all, just looking for a bit of advice, I have traveled with my injections many times keeping them cool at all times,now just read that they can be kept out of the fridge for up to 4 weeks if under 25°. My point is I have an overnight stay in airport then 10 hr flight and possibly up to 1-2 hours at Cancun airport then an 1hr transfer time which I think will be over the 25°. I know the injections will be ok in overnight hotel and our airport and on the flight if They are not cooled but its Cancun and transfer I'm worried about. Any suggestions please.

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  • Try buying a Frio bag which is for insulin. This will keep the etanacept below 25 whilst you are travelling but of course you cannot then put it back in the fridge as it will not keep it between 2-8 . However with the air con going in your room it will be fine. I have just come back from holiday doing exactly this. Look on Amazon for Frio bags

  • When traveling with insulin it is good to let the cabin crew know as they can provide you with small bags of ice to keep it cold during your flight.

    I have seen lots of people inc father I law that have used insulated lunch bags with ice in it.

    ( just make sure the ice doesn't leak when melted.)

    Some flight attendants might offer to store it in the icebox for you. But please don't as you would want to keep it with you at all times.

    Hope this helps.

    Safe travels.

  • Also by letting them know you are insulin dependent it helps the cabin crew to know and be aware of the fact that you might need a bit of "extra" care and attention during long flights and journeys.🛫🛬

    I say this as I used to work flying long haul and it always helps to know where you might have a medical situation especially since diabetes can sometimes be effected by travel through different time zones.


  • It is not insulin she is travelling with! Note I mentioned the Frio bags and qualified them to talk about etanacept

  • Thanks Pat but I knew what Spring meant as what is used for insulin is good for entercept

  • Sorry. For the mistake in medication. Still the same goes as for the advice of travelling with any medication that needs cooling to prevent it spoiling... for lack of a better word.

    Also letting the crew know will be better than not letting them know.

    Safe travels.

  • Thank you Spring. I know what's good for insulin is good for entercept so your advice is welcome whatever the drug is.

  • I use the Frio bag and have done for several years with no problems. In October/November did a 2 month trip to Australia and New Zealand and up in Uluru and Alice Springs the temperature was in the mid 30s. The trio performed very well during the flights and during long hot drives. I keep the bag in my carry on and never let it out of my sight, also never had an issue going through security with it and I always travel with a letter from the provider - was HAH now Biodose.

  • Thank you .will lok into that

  • Can I ask if it was the pens you use,my are the injection needles not a pen so unsure if it would wkork for them.

  • I use the syringes too, not the pens. A little tip, I got a sharps bin from HAH but it was quite large so I took an empty spice canister (available in supermarkets) and printed a label to the effect danger sharps etc (samples on net) and glued this around the canister and take this. Its easy to remove the plastic parts off the syringe after use and I pop the body of the spring with needle into the canister and throw away the plastics bits, get 3 months in there easily. Saves loads of space, when I get home I empty them into my normal sharps bin. Bon voyage.

  • Again Thank you.

  • Chrissy dead easy get in touch with your supplier they will send you bag and freezer pouches for free.

    Remember that you will need a letter to get them through airport security,obviously keep them in your hand luggage.

    Also beware hotel fridges often are not cool enough so take a thermometer to check.

    The main thing is have a great trip

    Kind regards Mike

  • Thanks Mike. I have got bag and freezer packs,although they weren't free.Was just wondering now about the time it can be out of fridge because including over night stay and lenght of time in airport and on the plane the freezer wouldn't last.

  • The Frio bags use evaporation to cool the contents so don't need to use the freezer pouches but don't wrap the Frio in a plastic bag or it won't work, has to be able to "breathe".

  • I am currently travelling with a frio bag for mtx pens and a Nomad box with ice blocks for my Benepali. We are doing a lot of travelling and I am playing safe as not sure of temperatures. Nomad box is a bit tight for 2 pens but ok. Last hotel froze packs overnight while injections in frig in frio bag. Have used frio bag for years. Just needs soaking in water. I always have letters from hospital and health care at home and my prescription. My injections don't go through the scanner and are swabbed instead. I carry all meds in hand luggage. Hope you have a great holiday.

  • Thank you

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