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Advice needed please

Hi all if anyone can help with advice I would be really grateful as I really do not know where to turn next or what action to take. From April last year I have been really poorly, RA worsened, I didn't think that could get any worse (diagnosed 22 years ago) and from April to December last year I was in and out of hospital, numerous chest x rays, CT scans, appointments at Pleural Clinic and Interstiial Lung Disease Clinic and I have now been diagnosed with Bronchiectasis caused by RA.

Last February 2012 I had been put into the WRAG. I appealed asking for a reconsideration to be placed into the support group, but was denied. On 9 Jan this year the job centre plus woman advised that I should now request a support group deterioration review as I have now been diagnosed with Bronchiectasis. My ESA stopped on 1 Feb so I have no money, then I get a letter today from Job Centre Plus to say NO, I have not been placed in the support group as I am not terminally ill, not receiving chemotherapy, have no pregnancy risk and the examining doctor stated that following the examination (what examination), decided I am not at any substantially increased risk if found to be capable of work related activity? Bog standard letter in my opinion, no one has actually looked at this again.

I telephoned Job Centre Plus and told them that I did not agree with the decision and that I wish to appeal and that I would like a copy of the examining doctors report, GET THIS, the womans reply "There is no point in sending you a copy of the medical report as you have already received a copy and THE EXAMINING HEALTH PROFESSIONAL HAS MADE A DECISION BASED ON YOUR ORIGINAL MEDICAL ASSESSMENT", that was November 2011!

So what do I do now, it's like banging your head up the wall, no one is listening, no one cares, I fail to see that any real qualified members of the medical proffession are making these decisions, just some pen pushing numpty behind a desk. It seems impossible to get to speak to anyone who can make a decision for you to even get an appointment or review face to face, I am just being told no.

Any advice greatly appreciated, thanks.

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Go to your local job centre. Armed with all you info, make sure you photo copy all your evidence. Do not leave till you speak to someone senior.

Ask for a crisis loan.

Take someone with you.

Good luck



Thank you Carole, I will do this, gosh you were up late too x


Sorry to hear that you are having to go through this and as Carole has said please ensure that you take them copies of all relevant documentation to prove your case. I would also say have a look at the online website benefits and work which is a great site offering advise, also see if you can get an appointment with CAB and see if someone will support you through the process. Can I ask if you are taking mtx? if so this is chemotherapy!

I wish you luck x


Oh Sara good point re the mtx, yes been taking it for 10 years, its just been increased as well, but the phrase on this letter is " you are not receiving chemotherapy administered via intravenous, intraperitoneal or intrathecal route" So I guess the powers that be have that one covered! I will telephone CAB today to see if I can get an appointment. Thank you for your advice and support xx


I would still fight the case, we take chemotherapy while we have it on a smaller dose than cancer patients we take it for life, they have a course of treatment but the effects can still be the same.

Remember when filling anything in on these forms or in question not to simply answer with the yes or no that they want you to with the tick box, explain how it effects you everyday life, the aches, pains, medication side effects etc etc Give them as much info as possible x


Hi - SaraF has given good advice. MTX is indeed chemotherapy but I take it in pill form and they seemto make the distinction between pill and needle - why is a mystery, stupid red tape. CAB will help you and it is worth fighting it as the Job Centre and various govt. depts. rely on us giving up!

So sorry you are having such a rotten time of it - stay positive and call on as many orgs. as you can to help you.



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