Hammersmith or bust

Hi all,well another appointment due for the morning at sunny Hammersmith. Which given how I have been feeling over the last 3-4 weeks is a relief. My hands and feet should be glowing like a mini sun,given how hot they feel. I am completely shattered, despite sleeping what seems half to 3/4 of the day. Any thing which requires any type of energy has to be approached in the most conservative way possible. I took my boss lady to our GP last week,he asked how I was, I replied that I was seeing the rheumatology special soon and there is talk of starting biologicals, He said FINALLY!!!!

Well let's see, oh got my bloods results back this week, after the usual 20questions why do you want them etc. The lady said all fine,I get home open up the page, and in less than 5seconds there are 5 results out of normal parametes,white cell count high,redcell count low ,serum C high, all point to ongoing inflammatory problems, so how a receptionist can say all OK, is slightly disconcerting to say the least. Anyway that's it for now love to all.

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  • She's a receptionist. What does she know? I really hope your appointment tomorrow goes well and that you get the biologics. Everything I can cross is crossed for you. Hugs


  • Thanks Jan for your kind words, what worries me is how many other people the receptionist has re assured,who have then gone of, it has happen to a friend of mine,told her bloods fine,only to get a urgent call from her Gp to come in for a chat. Not at my surgery thankfully. Anyway big hugs and warmest thoughts Xx

  • Awww. Shucks but thank you.

    Do you know, unless this person has medical qualifications we don't know about, she should not be offering her opinion. I would be tempted to tell the practice manager what has happened. Just a thought

  • I agree with you about speaking to the practice manager.xxx

  • Hi and good luck at your appointment.

    As for blood results, my GP checks mine and flags up any that are too far out of average range. Some can be a fair few numbers above or below without comment but some, e.g. neutrophils, merit a phone call from GP if they're just one or two points out. Might it be that the numbers that are out of range on your results are still acceptable? And do you know if your GP checks them? He or she should do.

  • Should be the same here,and my neutrophil is at 10.4 so is above the line.as with others same difference. Anyway see Dr in morning. Stay safe warmest craig

  • Good luck darling,perhaps you can take boss lady with you to Hammersmith with you. Ask as many questions as you can think off and take any results with you as well darling. xxxx

  • Hi I was a GP receptionist for a few years and in no way should a receptionist give any comment on blood results the only thing that that you can tell anyone is the comment a go has put along side the results ie come in or normal nothing else or to ring to GP. X

  • My hospital (Charing Cross), post all blood resuits, X-rays, appointments etc on Patient knows best.. I can then access them there. The blood results are set out in a very clear way, with a graph so that one can see at a glance past readings as well as the current one. I thought the use of this system was used by all hospitals, but clearly not.

  • Wow, I'll look at that Patients Knows Best site later as it looks interesting..I had quite a hassle recently trying to access my results, despite a very helpful GP and a good GP practice. I'd love to be able to access them easily online! What do you think of Charing Cross as a RD clinic btw?

  • I thought charring cross hospital as the bees knees,the rheumy clinic has literary saved me from total depression and feeling like some sort of fraud

    Antonina and her colleagues and Dr Mo team are all superheros to me.

  • Charing Cross Hioital is in a mess. Jeremy Hunt is trying to close it. The whole rheumatology department has now shifted to Hammersmith Hospital ( they are both in the Imperial Group), except for my consultant. He's still at Charing Cross on Tuesdays, as is the wonderful speacialist nurse. She really is a lifeline for me. The hospital set up Patient Knows Best. I'm not sure you will be able to access it , but it's worth a try! Good luck.

  • Reckon the Health Trust round here is still chipping blood results on stone tablets and sending them out strapped to pit ponies. So frustrating trying to get answers. Grrrrr


  • Major brain fart! Rode to londinium via the amazing circle road,built for charorites to race around,but now used for parking and a slow trot!! then of on the old north circular built before horses were created, to arrive at the medical center par excellence !! Only to realise that today is not the day,but in fact its the 25 I should be gazing upon this wonderful building,FFS still I had a nice ride the sun was out,the trusty stead performed well. And is returning around 48/50 per gallon. Back home now !!

  • Please may I use "major brain fart". It gave me a much needed giggle and I may have to save it for when I next speak to the son, heir and decider of nursing home. Btw. What sort of trusty transport gives you 48-50 mpg? Flying unicorn?


  • Yes of course you can use major brain fart, hope it helps xx my trusty steed is a paneuropean ST1100 ,yes its motorcycle and it helps me feel normal. Though I take all my leather gear of before I see the rheumy specialist cause he tells me I am a bad boy.

  • Thank you. As to motorbikes, rather you than me to be honest but then I've always been a coward and much prefer four wheels to two. Just had to sell my MG TF (I cried) and get a sensible car 'cos I'm too old and unbending to get in anything else. Grrr

  • Your as old as you feel,so be a cougar and snag a young one, I know I am going to burn,seriously get a car,truck,quad bike you enjoy or even a big old jeep. Something you like and enjoy,it really doesn't have to be brown brogues, straight lace. My father is 92 and drives to the village shop. It keeps him happy. This disease takes enough from us all, so snatch back any little thing that you enjoy . and do it,use it and if you see something you like and ra is trying to say to your not fit,well,happy enough to use this,grab it by its sensitive bits and toss it out the door. This might have your son pulling his hair out!! Simply say brain fart and I am going to try salsa, bingo,swimming, the can,can its my life xx

  • Like your style craigsif! Problem is I've already done a load of the stuff on your lovely list and don't like to repeat myself. Sad to say I don't think I can go back to pole-dancing, snagging a young one or doing the can can. Would love to drive a truck though or maybe a tractor and hold up the Audi drivers on the A1. My son is dead cool btw and just eggs me on. His sisters on the other hand have gone all serious and po faced. Stay well


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