Finally found something that works!

Finally found something that works!

I have been taking MTX for my RA for about a year and have had severe canker sores the whole time. I tried everything from oral numbing gel to salt water to hydrogen peroxide to prescribed "Magic Mouthwash". Absolutely nothing helped to alleviate the pain for more than maybe 30 minutes. Then, I found "Canker Covers". These things are an absolute godsend! They actually stick onto the sore to keep it protected from bacteria and irritation. And they stay on for hours! 12 bucks is sooooo worth the relief! I hope this helps someone else who has been as miserable with mouth sores as I was!

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  • I suffer with mouth ulcers can you purchase this in the uk as it sounds like it might be from the US.


  • I used Orobase gel to cover them - can be purchased in UK

  • Sorry to hear you have bad mouth ulcers.

    The only thing that works for me is steroid mouth wash or steroid cream. The cream works fastest usually. Its called Dermovate, and while its really only for external use, my Oral Medicine doc PX it for my ulcers.

    Its like a miracle cure....absolutely amazing. Ulcers that used to take a week or two to heal are gone in a couple if days.

    So amazing to find something that works isn't it?!

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