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Carpal Tunnel - how long does fingertip numbness last for??

Hi all,

For our local church I cut some card shaped horses and in doing so have done something to a nerve somewhere in my wrist or hand or finger. My fingertip on the middle finger on my right hand is completely numb. At first I thought it would subside and thought I had just accidentally put pressure on it with the scissor handle.

That was about 2 weeks ago and it's no better. I've coincidentally got a doctors appointment Wednesday morning to get some repeat oramorph for something else so I'm going to mention it then... but I wondered if anyone else had experienced this and knew how long it would last for? It's really driving me wild.. it's not exactly painful but more uncomfortable, especially on a night time for some reason.

Any help or advice much appreciated.

Thanks so much


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Have you had carpal tunnel before? I just wonder if you've trapped a nerve.


I get carpal tunnel pain but usually in my wrist. Either from excessive gardening or when I'm at work typing. I did wonder about a trapped nerve but I've never had anything like that before. Well except a patch of numbness on my left shoulder following surgery last Dec but that doesn't bother me.

Can they fix a trapped nerve in a finger? Will it resolve itself?


I would not rush to thinking your numbness is related to carpal tunnel. A couple of decades ago, I developed a numbness to the tip of a thumb (along with a "knot" along inner edge of the shoulder blade in my back). Went to my GP, who sent me to a hand surgeon, who wanted a second opinion from a neurologist after mentioning carpal tunnel. I suspected that I was being prepped for surgery, but opted for having one of my sons, who learned how to give back rubs on me, massage the knot in my back. Son worked almost daily on the back, and a month later the thumb was back to normal. So... it is likely that had I had surgery, the thumb would have also returned to normal, following the inactivity of post-surgery, which would have allowed the knot impingement on the nerve to resolve on its own. Back rubs are far better than surgery, but surgery is great when needed... spinal fusion, two new knees, gall bladder and prostate gone.

Suggest you visit a massage therapist, who will quickly be able to find out whether your finger numbness might be related to a nerve impingement. In the meantime just don't repeat what you think may have produced the numbness. Of course your problem may well be related to carpal tunnel, but may resolve on its own, if you just give it sufficient time.

Fifty years ago, I had a bout of "tennis elbow," brought on by a repetitive activity at work that was similar to what produces elbow problems in tennis players. Went to an orthopedist, who explained how a surgical procedure (Oswald technique?) could be used to lessen the tension on the tendon that had been aggravated by work. I chose not to have surgery, and 6 months later, my elbow was normal after I stopped doing the repetitive movement involved. Elbow problem gone for good.


Hi, i had the op many years ago but was told that the nerves take one month per one centimetre scar to mend. They were spot on i had 6 cm scar and it took 6 months to get full feeling back. Maybe different nowdays but wishing you a speedy recovery!


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