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Help with carpal tunnel like symptom


Not sure if anyone else has had something similar. At the moment I'm not on any medication and haven't been for over six months due to reactions and having to run tests. Due to start benepali in a week or so.

Swelling is pretty bad, however in both hands I keep getting numbness and tingling is all 3 digits and thumb (not little finger). Also getting pain in my wrists (inside). Only thing that stops swelling is holding hands in the air. Pain, numbness and tingling is worst in the morning, but happens quite a lot during the day. Has any one had this before? Anything that could help?

I'm currently abroad and will see my doctor when I'm back home.


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These are similar to my first symptoms of RA 3 yrs ago. I think it was/is due to the tendons in my case. I took Ibuprufen , rubbed in a cooling cream and cooled sometimes with cold packs. It would come and go I also had mottled palms below my little finger and a swollen tendon running through my palms ( this is still there). Dont have it much at the moment - am on MTX . But it is always one of my first symptoms -especially the wrists when the RA is active -least thats what I think.

Hope you are somewhere nice!


Sounds like wrist swelling setting off carpal tunnel syndrome. Using splints at night should help, but i guess if you're away they may be difficult to source. Running wrists under cold water might help.

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Sounds like carpal tunnel to me.i know because I got diagnosed last year and have to wear splinted gloves at night .And may start wearing in the day too as I get it really bad in the day .I will try holding my hands in the air too if that helps full the pain. I hope it eases a bit for you and doesn't ruin all of your holiday x


I mean dull the pain x


I have had problems in the past when my RA has been more active. I found that using wrist braces while sleeping helped. I often wake up finding that I have been sleeping with my arms folded putting pressure on my wrists. I have braces made by Thermoskin you can get them with or without metal reinforcing strips.

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My RA started this way also.

As for the tingling in your hands and fingers might be the start of Perpheral Neuropathy. Mine started in my finger later more fingers were affected. It never seems to happen in the little finger. Then it spread to my toes and thighs. I was having a reaction to leflunamide. I was given cholestrymine (sorry if spelled wrong) packets that I mixed fresh, in juice. Had to take this for 11 days. It helped to stop some of the numbness. My toes are no longer numb. But still deal with some numbness in my thighs. More often if I sit slumped. I go to a chiropractor, this helps.

For swelling you can order an elastic tube that is snug (not to tight tho) that you can cut a length off about the size from your finger tip to mid arm. Cut a small nick for your thumb to fit through, about 2 " from one end.

Slide your hand thru and stick your thumb thru the slit. This is like a compression stocking on your hand. I wore mine for a while until my RA meds kicked in.

Hope this all helps.


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