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Am I being too self-critical or is this a bit off?

So last year I entered a competition to write an essay. I won. It meant I won on behalf of the charity who entered it and they got national recognition. They told me they were very happy and the essay would also be published in their magazine. I was then asked to send a profile pic for the article.

I then receive an email saying my article would just be put on their website in their user stories section. So effectively buried. Okay no problem I thought. Then I opened the latest edition of their magazine. No mention of my article. No mention I had won on their behalf BUT someone else's entry described as "their brilliant entry" that would be the one so brilliant it didn't win?

Does anyone else think this is weird???

Couple of friends commented on the photos that went with it. Model like looks etc etc

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Yes very odd, have you asked if you can put your winning entry on line on social media ? and which charity is behaving so badly as i for one would think about if I would support such a seemly shallow organisation.


That's shocking......they are deceiving the people who support that charity.

I would write saying you are sure it was an innocent mistake on their behalf, but you would like it known that YOU WON!

Maybe one of your friends could write in similar vein saying that even if model girl's was a brilliant entry you win the competition.

The more I hear if charity's dishonesty, the less I am inclined to support any of them!


Well, how dishonest is that! It was your efforts that won the competition not the modelly-type person. I'd be very tempted to do as suggested by AC and medway-lady and then stop supporting whichever charity it was and let them know that there would be no future participation on your part. You must be so annoyed. Hugs



Ask them for an explanation. It might be a mistake by someone on the staff.


I would just ask them - do you have a contact/contact details? See why they are not using in the magazine - especially as another entry has been used.

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