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Allergies ?

Now adding Cindamycin to very long list of drug allergies. This rash is different . I usually get patches, particularly in hot spots. This time my entire upper body is covered but very itchy, unlike Pityriasis . That was how I reacted to Orencia.

Problem is I still have a severe infection in my jaw from bad root canal. They left a piece of wire in root which has now accessed. Never ending aggravation. Like we do not suffer enough with RD! It has been such a bad year for weather here in Vancouver. March saw record rain fall and April rained all but two days. May has not been any better thus far. We had a sunny day yesterday but back to rain, rain, rain. Feeling very sorry for myself lol

On a positive note, the bank approved our restructuring so finances should improve dramatically starting tomorrow. I am so relieved. I have not scheduled a surgeon re teeth yet. I still feel tenderness in jaw. I just do not feel it is right that I pay for dentists error. Why does it seem the only people held accountable are the powerless ?

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Rainy weather that just won't quit affects me too. Im so sorry to hear that your running into one drug after another that your allergic to. That's rotten luck.

As for your tooth, can't you go back to the same dentist who did a lousy job and have him redo it? Not that you would want him to touch your tooth again but man that doesn't sound right. Is there another dentist in the same office that can help you?

I hope it all gets sorted soon and you start to feel a little bit better.

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You could, of course, try suing the original dentist - but that might cause, not only a lot of stress, but an outlay for the costs of the action.

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I would not waste time. He has much bigger issues. He is Bipolar. I stopped seeing him when he made a pass then when I said no thanks he asked if he could see my son. He was fifteen so needless to say , time to find new dentist rofl Well at least I can say life has never been boring. It is an endless list of traumatic events . A series of unfortunate events is a great way to express it, no copy right infringement lol

This rash is all over upper torso and now spreading to legs just not as bad. It does not look like any previous reactions. I will continue Benadryl for today but may need to go to my GP. I have a sneaking suspicion this maybe something else intirely.

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Strewth Damaged. Boring is certainly not a word that can be applied to you lol. I really hope things settle for you. Hugs



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