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bad chest & cold

Hi all,

I have been on Methotrexate 15mg injections for 8 weeks. Steroids for 11 weeks starting to taper down last week (Thursday)from 10mg to 5mg then this week (Wednesday) taper 1 mg per week till finally off these scary tablets. I started sulfasalosine last Tuesday 500mg per day going to 1000mg yesterday to get up to 2000mg per day in another two weeks.

ground work laid.

So i haven't had any kind of cold or sniffle for 18 months. Last Wednesday day after taking sulfa on Tueday, got unbelievable fatigue the next day, a sore throat started two days later that has gotten steadily worse as the week has gone on, to having no voice, banging headache (still have it today Thursday from last Thursday), terrible cough and tingling in finger tips. Tuesday night had to call NHS 111 as my throat started to close up and I couldn't breathe. Took antihistamine and asthma inhaler sorted itself in a couple of hours.

I wondered if i was reacting to sulfa as all symptoms seemed to fit side effects, called Rheumy she said probably coincidental keep taking sulfa which i have. Feel completed exhausted and full of cold and generally quite dreadful. Could this be because i halved my steroids and started sulfa. or have i just been really unlucky and caught a bug. At the moment I don't know if I am coming or going!

Not having been ill for 18 months, I am so hoping this is not the start of things to come!

Thank you all knowing people on here for any advice you can give.


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oh and can i take anything like day nurse for my cold and bad chest?


I developed a bad chest infection when i was on methotrexate(oral) after starting with a cold. Was advised by my GP to stop the methotrexate so he could prescribe antibiotics. It took weeks to clear it as my chest was still inflamed even after the infection had gone. I also have asthma now. The rheumatologist decided to stop the methotrexate as it didn't suit me. I would check with your GP to see if you have an infection because you may need antibiotics. I later started sulphasalazine and never had problems with it. I know several people who have chest problems with methotrexate.


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