Swollen painful throat gland

Hi All. Sometimes I get a little swollen gland come up and start hurting. I don't even know if it is a gland, it just hurts on the trachea near where the vocal chords are I imagine. It hurts to swallow/talk. It has happened lots of times and doesn't usually last more than a few days. I'm not ill in any other way. I think this is RA. Anyone else get this? Thanks

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  • Oh my goodness I had exactly the same thing! I had it happened three within 2 weeks, twice on right and one on left. I saw my consultant 2 weeks ago and I told him about it because was so random and was only on one side each time and could barely talk and chewing food was excruciating. He told me it's normal with RA and does happen. So it is normal apparently! I thought I was getting a throats infection or something!

  • I am realizing that there is more going on in our throats/ necks than we ever knew. Can you get an Endocrinologist in your area? It could be thyroid or parathyroid related, and other docs don't know so much ( if anything ) about that. I think you should get it checked.


  • Definitely mention it next time you see your Rheumy....if it persists ask your Rheumy nurse to have a look at it....you can't be too careful with odd lumps!

  • I mentioned it to mine and he just said that RA can cause flare ups of glands including in your neck and said completely normal. He's the top RA guy in my hospital so am hoping he knows his stuff lol

  • Leaving RA aside I would still mention it to your GP when seeing him for something non RA related. There are Lymph nodes in your neck that need keeping an eye on.

  • Thank you I am going to! I genuinely thought I was the only one until I saw this post

  • I may be an oldie...but better safe than sorry. A second opinion never does any harm, hope it really is all OK


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