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My story

Hi everyone I have had rheumatoid arthritis and vasculitis since 2012 it started out of the blue, and took ages to diagnose I was a nurse but had to give up work. I have developed leg ulcers as a complication of RA. I am a lot better now than at the begining but I still have mobility issues which is wearing me down. My left is now clear of leg ulcers but my right leg is not.

I would say that everyday is different one day you can be good and the next not.

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It really is a curse this disease, at moment I'm just out off hospital after being admitted for 4 days with an infected gall bladder which will be taken out when things settle down, courtesy off mtx


Hi outhwaite

I couldn't agree more; everyday can be different. Sometimes there can be a difference between morning and afternoon. It is the most unpredictable condition.

Like you, my AS and RA came out of the blue. Within months of being diagnosed I had both hips replaced and 3 months later, both knees replaced. Mine appears to be particularly agressive and difficult to get under control and even after such surgery, can wake in the morning feeling ok ( could never say good!) and by mid afternoon, be floored!

I have had more surgery on my foot last year and unfortunately , this was unsuccessful ,4 toes remain broken so mobility, even with Shiney new hips and knees, remains problematic.

Still, you live in hope of the day things are under control and you begin to feel better and function better - it does happen, there are many on this forum who have been diagnosed for a time and have things under control .

So, chin up and welcome to a great forum .



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