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Hi everyone. I thought I would just update you re the appeal I'm going through. I managed to speak to the manager who will be holding the appeal meeting and told him that I thought I would have a date by now. He said he's been so busy and because my line manager is on holiday until Monday he hasn't been able to arrange anything. He has read everything I gave him and agreed that things haven't been done correctly. He's promised that we will have the meeting next week. Hope everyone is OK. X

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Some good news for you. I hope you are bringing a shop steward with you to this meeting.

I hate to be a "No, not ever Nellie Neigh Sayer", but I have learned the hard way to never trust management on face value without the support of my union.

All the best to you



Yes the union rep comes to all meetings with me Sue. I have made it clear to management that I won't attend by myself. Thanks for your advice, I too don't trust them. Hope you are doing OK.



I would agree with that sue and if ever required, I would always have a representative from the union with me.

Fortunately, I have been extremely lucky in that I have been consistently well supported in work - they really have been fantastic. Through all the surgery Ive had over the past 2 years as well as such a lot of time off, Ive had but one month at half pay and every phAsed return has lasted as long as I have needed; there's never been any pressure.

However, I am so aware that this hAs not been the same for everyone and unfortunately, I have seen what I feel , is people treated harshly.

As lucky as I have been, it is clear ( least where I am), there is little consistency and I believe that first and foremost one needs to ensure that if not treated fairly, there must be someone there that can promote their rights, ensuring fairness and the appropriate level of support .



Glad you posted as I was wondering how you were getting on with your attendance management stuff. It's a worry of mine that I'll have to go through all that at some point. Was going to write a post asking if anyone had heard from you but couldn't remember your username! Glad the manager seems to be quite understanding.

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