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Hand & Wrist pain continuing 8 months after surgery

Hi, about 8 months ago I punched a wall, as a result I broke my knuckles and dislocated the 4th and 5th metacarpals, I left it for about a week thinking it would heal itself, kept popping the metacarpals back into place, but they constantly kept popping out again when i used my hand, so my girlfriend made me see the doctor at this point showed him my hand and it pooped out of place again as he was looking, never seen a doctor freak out like that before lol and he sent me to the hospital, after an X-ray, hand surgeon said I needed wires to fix the damage, so i had wires through my knuckles into my wrist, had to have it in a cast for about a month, then had the wires pulled out.

Since then the area that was dislocated seems swollen and the cartilage over my pinky knuckle is slips to the side when I male a fist, I have a lot of pain in my wrist and knuckles daily, my pinky finger cannot move up and down in a smooth motion it just pops up and down and it feels like it has friction in the joint. I also sometimes get a horrible sharp pain in the palm of my hand to my wrist that feels like tearing. I use a computer mainly 12-16 hours a day for work and my wrist become so sore.

I haven't seen a doctor yet, but I have an appointment tomorrow, but just wondering if anyone has any ideas what it could be? I can't box anymore as every punch feels like I'm going to dislocate the metacarpals again, all i wan't to do is be able to box again, even if its just punching the bag and not have this horrible pain in my hand and wrist everyday. Is surgery the answer?

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