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Throb throb throb

Everything hurts! I have no obvious swelling but it's all proper throbbing. Saw rheumatologist Monday who stopped Mtx as not agreeing but advised I stay on sulfasalazine. He's put me on gabapentin as says I also have fibromyalgia. I'm thinking I need another dmard as I can't put up with pain and it not settle. The pain is joints not muscles but if I press muscle that does hurt too. Joints and muscles feel bruised when I press them. Is that a typical feeling? If I request a steroid jab is that likely to help in the short term with the pain if nothing looks swollen? Obviously will phone nurses tomorrow just wanted some advise on what people think.

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A steroid jab will help or a course of steroids as well. I get pain rather than swelling. Go back to your dr. and ask them for some help to what they can do and go back to your rheumy. I am sorry your suffering and god only know i know how that feels. Don't give up darling keep on at the medics who are looking after you. Hugs.xxxxx


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